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COMIC REVIEW: 30 Days of Night

With the prompting from a fellow schmoe (Spacemonkey) I ordered this book (3 issue comic trade paperback) with a gift certificate I got for Christmas. I must say, I was not disappointed.

The story takes place in Barrow, Alaska. On November 11th-December 11th, the sun does not rise, and this is taken advantage of my a group of marauding vampires. it is up to the sheriff and his deputy (and wife) to defeat the vampires, and save what survivors they can.

The story is written by Steve Niles, and is drawn by Ben Templesmith. Thecomic's pace is quick, and you will finish it quickly, but it is still a great read. its pace is set like it is a movie, which is going to be made, as soon as Sam Raimi's film company is up and running.

If anyone can get their hands on this book, I defiantly recommend it.

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I wasn't expecting much when I got this, and that's exactly what I got. It was a really short read, with characters I didn't give a crap about, a villain that wasn't scary, and comic book panels where I couldn't even tell was going on. Bad, bad comic book in my opinion
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i for sure want to check this one out,espicially even more since its being made into a movie and such...and just for the fact i have heard so much about it...
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I read 30 Days of Night about 6 months ago, and while I enjoyed it, it wasn't the classic I'd hope it would be. However, there are enough elements in there to make a decent film out of, it's just that the execution of it as a graphic novel fell a little short of what I'd expected.

I also picked up the follow up, Dark Days, which again was a good read, but not a classic.

If you like vampires, then I'd recommend you check them out, as some of the ideas in there are fresh and interesting, but otherwise approach with a little caution - it's ot for everybody.
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