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The comics I read

Spookshow International
Heavy Metal
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I'll admit I dont really read many of the new comics that are being printed now. Mostly I collect older stuff, circa 1980/early 90's. Some of my favorites are

Ghost Rider (Both the late 70's version and the series from the 90's)
The Demon
Older Batman from the 80's and 90's (Norm Breyfogle is my favorite artist ever)
I also collected almost all of the series of the Midnight Sons from the 90's, including Nightstalkers, Morbius, Darkhold, Spirits of Vengence.

Hey Saruman, I see you are form Kingston as well. Do you ever frequent Action Packed comics? I usually try and go in there once a week, if my cash flow allows. I also go to the Comics Cave in Brockville maybe once every two months. A really great comic store, especially if you are looking for older comics.
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I go to Action Packed. George and Adam are pretty cool.

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I used to read a lot of comics. They included:

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I'll read pretty much anything that's put in front of me. But as far for what i collect:

Uncanny X-men (i prefer Chris Claremonts run from 1975 to 1991)
New X-men
X-treme X-men
Generation X (i have all, except for a few special rare issues)
The Crow
Shade: the changing man
And Anything Drawing by Chris Bachalo
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i have always been a fan of Daredevil, so i am in the process of getting as many of the older comics that i can (just got all of the Fall From Grace line, yay!!)

i also like:

30 Days of Night
the Age of Apocalypse line
The Crow
Gen 13
the older Batman comics (especially Sword of Azrael & THe Dark Knight Returns)
The Watchmen
From Hell

zombies are alcoholics
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Ultimate Spider Man ( Best Spider-Man comic ever!)

Ultimate X-Men


Thats about it.
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Like little bro' Matti, I'll read almost anything put in front of me. (except Archie, had me enough of those already.)

But what I seek out are...

Evil Ernie and most spinoffs
Ghost Rider and all Midnight Sons spinoffs
Marshal Law!!!
Cal McDonald
Villain & Zombie comics (ex. Sabertooth, Zombie World, Deadworld)

And anything by Pat Mills or Alan Moore.
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