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Orson Welles

One of my personal Gods. An amazing actor and an even greater filmmaker. His performance in Citizen Kane will always be one of the tops on my list, and of course who can forget his turn in The Third Man as one of the greatest villains of all time, Harry Lime. This man can do no wrong; with his range of emotions, presence and charisma on film, his dialogue delivery, and his charm just makes him so attractive and a damn good performer. My favorite other films/performances are Jane Eyre (one of his most underrated pics IMO), The Lady From Shanghai, A Man for All Seasons, and Touch of Evil. Big YAY from me.

How about you guys?
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YAY, a man of many talents and strengths.
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Hella yay.

Was a ridiculously talented director, actor, and writer.

Citizen Kane kicks ass!
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It's too bad there has never been an actor like that in this day and age
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Mild yay. CITIZEN KANE is his masterpiece and only great movie. He had another great acting performance in THE THIRD MAN, and yes JANE EYRE is underrated, but it ain't fantastic either.
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Yay. One of the most influential people in the history of film.
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I've been in the mood for some Orson Welles films so I'm bumping this up.

I really, really adore him...through all his talents in films and the way he acts. His creation of characters through either hauting visuals/atmosphere, narration or just plain EXCELLENT acting.

Citizen Kane, I love especially of course. It's power and lasting effect it has on the human mind, and how influential it is in film history almost can't be topped. Making the film was at risks, concerning how badly tycoon William Randolph Hearst wanted to destroy the film, and he tried everything he can to destroy it as well as Welles himself. But ya gotta love Welles for his courage and creativity in making this film. Because of politics, the greatest movie in the world only won one award for BEST SCREENPLAY, and that was mainly for Herman J. Mankiewicz, it might've seemed at that time that Welles lost.....but after all these years, his legacy still lives on, and the power of the film still stays with the audience who loves watching it. In most ways, he hasn't lost at all, only more remembered as one of the major people in Hollywood who changed film history forever.
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