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Emma Thompson

What does everyone think of England's heralded thespian? Having just watched Love, Actually again last night, it reminded me of just how brilliant an actress she is. She meets every role with wit, emotion, skill and a deep sense of realism that is quite uncommon these days. When the industry gets flooded by fresh faced up-and-comings, Emma stands out as a refreshing and genuinely talented actress. Although sometimes we can judge all British actresses to be gracious and dignified, Thompson breaks away from that stereotype by being a raunchy comedian at heart. Also, she's the best crier in the business!

Her best:

2003 Love, Actually
2001 Wit
1998 Primary Colours
1997 The Winter Guest
1995 Sense and Sensibility
1995 Carrington
1994 My Father the Hero
1993 The Remains of the Day
1993 Much Ado About Nothing
1993 In the Name of the Father
1992 Howards End
1991 Dead Again
1991 Impromptu
1989 Henry V

She's quite pretty too

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YAY from me. I think she's wonderful.
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A very talented actress who has had many wonderful and memorable roles.

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She has taken my heart away with every magnificent performance I've seen from her (and there are plenty, indeed). Without a doubt, one of the best of her generation.

Huge YAY!
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I love this lady!

Much Ado About Nothing I never get tired of watching........

She belts our powerful performances in In The Name of The Father.....

and even made Peter's Friend's fun to watch...

I am soooo looking foward to her as "Professor Trelawney" in Azkaban!
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definite yay she's just sooo talented it's rediculous plus she was in Love Actually which that by itself automatically makes her cool
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