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Walt Disney

"He was a storyteller, a showman, a dreamer, a genius"

Leonard Maltin said that about Walter Elias Disney (better known as Walt Disney) upon the first launch of the Walt Disney Treasures collection in Spring, 2002. During a career that spanned over 4 decades, 47 Academy Award wins, and 8 Emmy's, Walt Disney made some of the world's most loved characters. The 7 mischevious dwarves, from his first feature; the lovely Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty, Mickey Mouse, his mascot. The irate Donald Duck, dimwitted Goofy, slow Pluto and a cast of hundreds including favorites such as Minnie, Daisy, Horace Horsecaller, Cruella DeVil, Brer Rabbit, Jiminey Cricket and Bambi. Before his death of cancer in 1967, Walt had made 18 feature length features, giving the go-ahead fro the 1970 project, the Aristocats and had given animation an art form. Snow White was the first enormous commercial sucess in Hollywood- predating Gone With the Wind by two years, launching a series of shorts called Silly Symphonies that created the best animated short subject part of the Oscars. Dominating the category with it's first win, Flowers and Trees in 1932, through such others as the Band Concert and Der Fuehrer's Face, and the beloved Winnie and the Pooh and the Honey Tree. Walt also personally supervised the making of such propoganda features as Saludos Amigos, the Three Caballeros and the film, Victory Through Air Power that had a hand in winning World War 2.

I cant say enough about Walt, besides that he is my idol, he is my hero. He's one of the few people in history I would love to meet. Since his death, he has been called a wife beater, a racist, an anti-semite, a drug addict and a hater of children, but sources say he is none of those things. He was a model man among the dirty thirties in Hollywood. He built Disneyland in 1955 out of his own pocket, as a haven for the children of the world to spend a day with the wonderful worlds he created in his films. This alone shows why I really idolize of the man that was, Walt Disney.
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