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Lee Van Cleef

May as well round out the three The Good, The Bad & The Ugly stars

This guy is cool as ice, from his piercing eyes that, as Sergio Leone so colorfully put it once, "burns holes in the screen", or something to that effect.

I haven't seen a lot of his films, but from what I have seen, he's a great villain (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly), a solid supporting actor (Escape From NY) and even a likable hero (For A Few Dollars More). There's nothing quite like the experience of seeing him and Clint take on an army of western thugs together.

YAY, of course.
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How true Leone was.

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Well said from both of you. YAY!
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One of the coolest and most evil looking baddies to ever grace the screen.

Big Yay.
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yay, of course.
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