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Here's one of the other great newcomers to come out of 2000. She was so damn hilarious in Scary Movie and I can't wait to see her in Scary Movie 2. Never has ditsy been so damn sexy. I fell in love with her from the start after seeing her in that movie.

I really hope she gets offered other movie roles because I'd love to see her in more movies. I really want her to make it.

She's just so appealing and cute. She makes me laugh and was one of the best things about SCARY MOVIE. She was so perfect as Cindy. For the most part, she made the movie. It would've been good otherwise but she was part of it being great.

Come on, even if you didn't like SCARY MOVIE you gotta admit she was great in it. My cousin said she didn't really like SCARY MOVIE but Anna Faris was great in it, she said she was the best thing about it. And I do have to agree she was the best thing about it, but the movie was good anyway.

Does anyone know if she has any other movies coming up? I hope she does, I hope she has a lot more coming up...

What does everyone else think of her???
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