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Has anyone else actually read AMERICAN HERO?

It's the one they based Wag The Dog off of, although it's nothing like the movie.

The book uses real people as characters, mixed in with this detective story. Imagine the premise of Wag The Dog, except it's set in the George H. Bush White House, and The Gulf War is the war he is using to detract from problems with his popularity in office. There are half pages of footnotes where other books and information is used to back up the things that are depicted, though the author continuously states it;'s nothing but a work of fiction. Thankfully, the book doesn't focus as much on the conspiracy part as much, as foremost it's a detective novel. Still, the premise is very cool, and it's a uniaque book in the way it's narrated.

I never hear anyone talking about it, and was just wondering if I was the only one.
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Ive seen the book many times and have been tempted to pick it up. maybe I will
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