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Stephen King Question.

I just finished reading The Eyes Of The Dragon and I have a question for all of you who're better read than me (all six billion of you).

*spoilers for book*
In the ending, when Dennis and Thomas leave to search for Flagg, King (or "The Storyteller") mentions that their story is one that he'll tell 'another day'. I was wondering if this story was at any moment addressed in any other King book? Maybe one Dark Tower? Could anyone help?
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There hasn't been any other story referring directly to EYES OF THE DRAGON, but of course Roland is the name of the Gunslinger in the Dark Tower books, and Flagg is the name of the evil baddy in THE STAND, who goes by many other names, even The Man in Black (Dark Tower series). It's safe to say that it's the same Flagg, in one of his many guises.
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