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Old 11-24-2005, 11:37 PM
Yes, he had a point, but he made himself sound more like an asshole while trying to make the point.

T.O. is the type of person that gets a ticket for driving too fast, and then goes to work and bitches about how everyone else drives too fast but never get ticketed, and then finally takes the time to bitch that last year after the Christmas party Bob got sloshed and drove the company car home and never got pulled over. T.O. NEVER points out a single injustice going on for any other team except for when he's in hot water.

Everytime he gets blasted he points his finger at what someone else did. Even during the whole pre-season he wanted to know things like why no one was mad at Brett Favre for his comments about how he didn't have to talk to no rookie quarterback.

Again, good, solid point for Terrell. But neither the time nor the place. He was the one on the spot, not them. If he really wants to put them on the spot, then he should do it at a time when he's not at a press conference to answer for his own wrongdoings.
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