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Michelle Williams

One of my newest crushes. It wasn't until recently that I became smitten with the lovely Michelle Williams after seeing her latest film and at award shows. A real cutie but also a very talented young actress.

I recall her from her Dawson's Creek days, I'm not a big fan of the show itself but I've always thought her showed potential in it, and as far as looks go, she surpasses Katie Holmes by leaps and bounds.

I've also seen her in Dick and Halloween: H20, neither were great films, but once again, there's always that special 'something' about her, it can't really be described but once you notice even the most brief glimpses of talent in a newcomer, you know it's definitely there. That's the case with Michelle.

And then, I heard praises of her work in Brokeback Mountain, and I hoped that the film would confirm my earlier assumptions of her hidden talents, and I was right. She gave by far the best supporting female performance of the year with an endearing, sympathetic performance that had all the vulnerability to make us share a strong emotional connection with her character through the worries and pain she demonstrates in the film, a remarkable piece of acting that matches both Ledger and Gyllenhaal's. I'll be sure to root for her at the Oscars (btw, when are they announced? I'm not up to date here).

I definitely hope to see more of her in the future after Brokeback.

Big YAY from me.
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