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Maggie Cheung

Born Cheung Man-Yuk in Hong Kong on September 20th 1964 Maggie Cheung's movie career really got started in its second year (1985) when she won the comic relief role in Jackie Chan's smash hit Police Story.
An astonishingly prolific actress she's notched up more than 80 credits in a 20 year career. In 1988 alone she made 11 films (!) including Police Story 2 and her first for director Wong Kar Wai; As Tears Go By, the first role that really allowed her to stretch her estimable dramatic skills.
She's collaborated many times since with both Chan and Wong Kar Wai.
The last few years (aside from a supporting role in Zhang Yimou's Hero) she's eschewed the action films that made her name in favour of dramatic projects like Clean and Wong Kar Wai's In The Mood For Love and 2046.
Cheung is fast becoming one of my favourite actresses, the kind you can always rely on for a strong performance even in such utterly silly fluff as The Heroic Trio or Moon Warriors. She's a strong comedienne and a gifted dramtic actress, somebody I'll now go out of my way to see.
On the aestehtic point. Welll... Jesus... Just LOOK at those pics. She's stupendously beautiful. So that's big all round YAY here

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