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PLOT: All the marvel heros and villains are zombies and they are in search of food to feed their hunger for living flesh and brrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnssssssssss. The zombies get a visit from Silver Surfer who is scouting for worlds that Galactus can eat and Silver Surfer ends up becoming food for zombies to feast on. Galactus comes looking for his minion to find that he's dead and that the hero zombies and villain zombies are fighting over who will get to eat Galactus.

MY THOUGHTS: The comic starts off with no explanation as to what's going on. Why are all the heros and villains of the Marvel universe now zombies. I thought it had something to do with the HOUSE OF M series that just got done with since it starts off with Magneto on the run from zombies. I ended up looking it up on the net and found it had to do with something going on in the ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR story arc dealing with an alternate universe...of course. Anyway, as a fan of zombie movies and what not I enjoyed the mini-series and I guess so did a lot of other people since the first run of the first issue is already worth around $40. I think I ended up buying a third print.
It's funny watching them all shamble around and watch as their bodies fall apart. Wolverine no longer has a healing factor, Captain America loses the top of his head, Spider-Man loses a leg, and the rest are having to deal with similar problems. I liked what they did with the cover art. They took original covers from past issues and just zombified them Overall the story itself was just ok. The main attraction to the mini-series is being able to see all your favorite characters as zombies.

I give the mini-series a B-
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