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Jennifer Jason Leigh

Whether it's the continuing problems of the search engine or the fact that nobody has yet made one I can't find a celebometer topic for this spectacular actress. Let this shameful state of affairs come to an end.

Born in 1962 to actor Vic Morrow and playwright Barbara Turner Jennifer Leigh Morrow (The middle name was taken from family friend Jason Robards) first made an impression in Amy Heckerling's teen comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High (released, sadly, just around the time that her father was killed in the infamous helicopter accident on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie).
She has gone on in the nearly 25 years since to establish one of the great modern acting careers. She's excelled in comedy, doing a teriffic Katharine Hepburn inspired turn in the Coen Brothers Hudsucker Proxy as well as the aformentioned Fast Times and the much underrated Miami Blues.
She's a wonderful dramatic actress as well; see Rush for an Oscar worthy role as a drug addicted cop and Last Exit to Brooklyn for a film stealing role as a hooker named Tralala.
She's done plenty of schlock but always gives her all to her character and lifts the film as in Paul Verhoven's maligned english language debut Flesh and Blood (flesh, as ever, provided by Leigh) and Single White Female; a film that should have been awful, but was redeemed by two great leads.
Though it's criminal it's not very surprising that Leigh hasn't won an Oscar. Her best turns haven't really come in Oscar friendly flicks (though how she missed out as Dorothy Parker will be forever beyond me) or is often seen in the less showy role (Dolores Claiborne).

I think Jennifer Jason Leigh is a magnificent actress, never the same twice and always mesmerising when she's on screen even if she's in crap. Her unconventional looks and less conventional choices may have denied her stardom but she'll be remembered far longer than the bimbos of the month will. It's a shame her work rate has slowed but that probably says more about the choice of roles Hollywood offers a 44 year old woman who, while still beautiful, pretty much looks her age.

I couldn't give JJL a bigger YAY; she's one of the greats.
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Don't get me wrong, I've ALWAYS loved her but it wasn't really until yesterday when I was watching The Machinist until it hit me as to what a great actress she is and that she is probably one of my favorites!

I'd put her up there with Jodie Foster and Cate Blanchett as being on of my favorites.

Plus, she's freaking hot too. She had some nudity in the Machinist but she was always lying down when she was nude and I kept wanting her to get up!

So, yeah. She get's a HUGE YAY from me!
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big yay from me, excellent actress and also very attractive
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