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Old 07-01-2006, 09:36 PM
David and Victoria Beckham

I was just wondering, since one used to be a singer and is now simply ungodly good-looking, and the other is a soccer stud...and ungodly good-looking, and they're the biggest celebrity couple in the world, how do we feel about them?

Personally, I'm pro both of them...easy on the eyes, and I just like the fact that they've become massive celebrities because they're I mean, Beckham's a good player, but there are many better ones, and it's not like the Spice Girls have been lasting influences on society, so people basically worship them because they're hip and attractive.

That's maddening in both pointless celebrities (Paris Hilton...), but in these two it's charming for some reason.

So yeah, Yay...
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