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DC comics 52 series starts

Well, 52 started this week. What did you think? As the opener I thought I was just ok. Didn't get me all pumped up and wanting to read more unlike the first issue of CIVIL WAR from Marvel. I do want to know what message was left on Susan's tombstone and what the deal is with the question mark guy. Other than that it didn't really do anything for me.
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Same here. It was ok, nothing special.

But since they've got a year to work with I can see why the wouldn't try to cram alot of action in the first issue. We'll see how it goes. I'm patient.

It seems like they've got a good group of writers on it so I'm hoping it turns out pretty good.
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I thought 52 week one was a terrific start to the series, it has a much different flavor than most other comics I'm reading right now. 52 is clearly meant to be more of an anthology with an ensamble cast rather than a more traditional story. So far, I'm digging how the perspective changes and how the tone of the series changes with each of the main characters. I think the six characters they picked to play the lead in 52 were good choices. I'll stick with this title for awhile, week one didn't blow me away, but it was a very solid effort. looking forward to week two.
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Aside from Week 5, 52 has so far been a pretty interesting weekly. They have been able to make Black Adam into a much more thicker character, push back Booster Gold to his roots as a swindler, and make Ralph Dibney human in a world of superpowered peers.

The only real weak moments involve Renee Montoya, but when the Question is involved in her storyline, he almost saves it.

You can clearly see which parts are written by whom, and its wicked seeing Grant Morrison open up in the regular DCU. The art so far has left me unimpressed, but what can you really ask for in a weekly?

My main gripe would have to be the misuse of the "History of the DC Universe". They are pretty much recapping the events of the first Crisis on Infinite Earths, and some of the negative stuff that was already covered in flashbacks during Infinite Crisis. I guess I am having a problem understanding the point of it all. Lets get to the character origins, fah gawd sake!

Anyone have any thoughts?
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Since Infinate Crisis was supposed to rewrite some more things as far as origins go, to me it seems like the "History of the DC Universe" section is kind of being used as sort of a "cliff's note" version to clear up some things. As far as what I think of it....eh...it's ok I guess.

I was never a big Booster Gold fan and wasn't really thrilled when I heard he was a big part of 52, but how they've used him the last few weeks have made him pretty interesting, especially when he makes his way into Rip Hunter's (I think that's who it was) place.

Time is broken!!
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I've also enjoyed 52 so far, and I will have to agree that the series definately does feel like more of an anthology with an ensamble cast, vs the typical storyline events that we are so used to seeing. My only gripe is that it seems like Infinite Crisis was basically something of a setup for 52 rather than being an event that stands up as it's own, but whatever. As far as nitpicking is concerned, the whole thing with Alex Luthor doesnt make much sense to me, but I certainly wont let that spoil what is looking to be a great series in the making.

I found IC a worthy sequel to COIE, and with 52, it's been pretty good ride thus far.

Keep it up, DC.
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few 52 thoughts after six weeks:

IMHO, the most interesting character in this book is Black Adam. I love what DC is doing with him, making him the "Punisher of the DCU", in that he's the hero nobody likes, and that nobody talks to, he's basically the hero that does the stuff even Batman won't touch, the DCU has needed a Frank Castle for the longest time. I approve. Then, I read the last issue and I realized he's not the "Punisher of the DCU", he's actually becoming the "Doctor Doom of the DCU". In the Marvel U, doom has his country, and everything that happens in those borders ("greater latavia") is totally his domain, and even Reed Richards butts out. Black Adam seems to have that same angle with Kandaqh in the DCU. Again, I approve. Supposedly the great love story of 52 also involves Black Adam? Dang, so now he's become Doctor Doom crossed with the Punisher crossed with Romeo? That's what I call "character development". (BTW, for the record, this kind of cross sounds exactly like something that came from the mind of Grant Morrison)

I'm also really anxious to see how the other five story-lines play out. I'm glad that Ralph Dingby is getting some character development too. For the longest time, Ralph was the DCU's lame ripoff of Reed Richards, much the same way Moon Knight is marvel's of batman. Reed has never been defined by his powers, yeah, he stretches, and that means he can have a laboratory 100 ft tall, but a stretcher isn't a terribly cool superpower, and that doesn't define Richards. Reed Richards is a scientist, first and foremost, who happens to have the ability to stretch. For the longest time, Elongated man was just a stretcher, I'm glad they're playing up his abilities as a detective, now he's a detective, who happens to be able to stretch.
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a few more thoughts on 52:

- first, obvious stuff out of the way, the booster gold that went to the future in Infinite Crisis is clearly not the same Booster Gold as the one who came back, and who we're reading about in 52. They are clearly, intentionally, different characters, and I'm curious to see where they're going with this, and how this relates to the missing 52 seconds.

- also, I'm beginning to, dimly, see what 52 is all about, they're beginning to make a picture that's consistent, but the focus is still fuzy, for me. i suspect that at some point, around issue 46, there's going to be a point where it all comes together, but I haven't gotten that yet.

- more, of what I think, is obvious stuff: the super-human enhancement program? That's not Lex thing, completely. The scheme has much of what makes a Lex Luthor scheme work, but it's missing something crucial: Lex's plans always involve rather straightforwardly, his taking over the world. His plans are never very complicated, and he's not really big on "subtle", the super-human enhancement scheme is a step up from what Lex normally does, which is why I don't think he's in this alone. Lex also doesn't have a sense of irony, or a sense of making people pay the price for thier decision, he's more of a conqueror. What I'm getting at is that I think Lex and the Joker are working together, the super-human enhancement project is precisely the kind of thing their twisted minds would come up with, thinking together. The scheme has Lex's desire for power and control, and the Joker's sadism and artistic touch, a match made in heaven. If this is Lex and the Joker working together, then the Super-human enhancement story-line just got very interesting, two criminal geniuses, two of the greatest minds of a universe turning thier heads to the goal of creating maximum chaos, who knows how far they could get?
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