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Dina Korzun

Yes it's another in my great foreign actresses series.

Frankly I'll be amazed if more than a handful of people have heard of this one.

Born in Smolensk, Russia in April 1971 Dian Korzun moved to Moscow in 1990 and attended the Moscow Arts School for five years.
Upon graduation she began playing leading roles at the Moscow Arts Theatre, winning the Best Actress award at the Moscow Theatre Festival for Love in the Crimea.
In 1997 she made her cinematic deut and won prizes again; Best Actress from the Russian Film Academy, Moscow Film Critics and the Geneva Film Festival.
2000 brought her English language debut, playing a Russian Mail order bride whose 'husband' never shows up, leaving her adrift in Margate with a 10 year old to support. It's a great film and an even better performance and Korzun seems to have won Best Actress at every film festival it went to, including London.
Since then she's worked steadily in Russia in film and on TV and has made her co-writing and producing debut with Marfa, in which she also starred.
Most recently Korzun came to notice when her second English language film; 40 Shades of Blue won top prize at Sundance 2005 and her an Independent Spirit awrad nomination as Best Actress.

To see clips from Last Resort and 40 Shades got to this section of her excellent official website: http://www.dinakorzun.com/v2/videos.php

I really hope Dina Korzun (who, apparently, is known as the Julia Roberts of Russia, which really doesn't square with her English films) continues to work in English because chances are we'll get to see that work long before her Russian films. She's a great actress, even in a second language and, as evidenced by the pics, a hell of a beauty. I HIGHLY recommend that you see Last Resort if you haven't already and 40 Shades of Blue, though not a great film is worth seeing just for Korzun. That'll be a yay, in case I wasn't clear.

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