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Monster Island

I just finished reading Monster Island, a post apocalyptic zombie horror novel by David Wellington. I'm no stranger to this particular sub-genre having read Brian Keene's The Rising/City Of The Dead, Simon Clarke's Blood Crazy, Richard Matheson's I Am Legend and Stephen King's Cell...among others. And Monster Island is good enough to stand comparison with the best on offer. I went into this book expecting to discover a tongue in cheek piece of nonsense. It did have moments of humour but overall it was grim as hell. I was also very happy to discover an author willing to play around with whatever expectations a reader as well versed in the zombie genre as I am might have. And in such an inspired fashion. The novel also contained some real moments of terror scattered throughout it's lean 280 pages. Anyone who has read the novel will likely know the moments I speak of. I wouldn't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't. This is a truly outstanding horror novel. I'll be reading the prequel, Zombie Nation, in a couple of weeks. David Wellington is a name to look out for. Truly.
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Coincidentally I've just finished reading this myself, Steve, and I loved it! Like you I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but what I got was a well written, action packed and thoughtful novel, written by someone who has an obvious love of the genre.

I liked that there were one or two additions to 'zombie lore' that were new as well (or new to me, anyway), and that the novel maintained its bleak tone throughout.

Monster Nation dropped through my letterbox this morning (along with World War Z, which I'm also dying to read - pun fully intended!) Glad you liked this as much as I did, but given our similar tastes I'm not surprised, and I actually thought of you as I was reading it, thinking that I must recommend it!
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