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Has anybody read the Bourne books?

I decided to give The Bourne Identity a chance earlier this summer. I was suprised at how damn good of a book it was. The movie pretty much abandons all similarities with it about 200 pages in. I love the detail in these novels and how every last scenario was given immense thought. Things relating to as how an assassin would approach a certain situation are especially fun to read

Before Bourne confronts Conklin, he takes out a merc. But not only does he knock him out, he breaks the man's fingers. Why? Because if he comes to, he can't throw a punch, make a fist, or pull a trigger.
It's so simple an idea, and yet something I never would have thought of, and certainly something I've never seen or read before.

On another note, Ludlum's Bourne is pretty much unrecognizable from Matt Damon. While the Bourne in the novels is supposed to be an average looking "chameleon", in no way do you conjure up an image of Damon while reading the book.

Ludlum's Bourne is a tortured, grizzled, hardcore soldier who gets repeatedly shot up and takes insane risks.
Jack Bauer's got nothing on this guy.

I'm 30 pages till the end of Supremacy right now, and I've got Ultimatum sitting on my bookshelf calling to me.

So in closing, I highly suggest giving these books a try. But I'll warn you. As an avid reader, these books take a little time to get used to. Very difficult to get through sometimes. You have to pay attention to everything.
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I'll have to check it out....sounds like a good reccomendation.
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I really enjoyed the first book, but just could not get into the second.

BTW, there is a TV movie of the first book which is much more literal to the book.
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