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Writers and Alcoholism

Has anyone else that ever read a bio on some of the most famous writers in history noticed that the great majority of them were alcoholics? This is something that has always been a curiosity of mine. Look at the list of names (just a few) : Poe, Capote, Hemmingway, and perhaps the worst drunk, Fitzgerald. Famous for thier work, they also gained notority for their heavy drinking. Why is this do you think? One of my teachers seems to think several factors come into play. Pressure from being famous? Writers block? Personal issues (this could be one of the reasons for Fitzgerald's drinking). What are some other thoughts?
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I notice that many artistic types (musicians like Cobain) have serious issues, many of which stem from poverty or lower class lifestyle. Nowadays they get over it and become rags to riches stories.

I think there skewed vision added to there work, and also gave them a reason to emote the way they did on paper. PLus drunks at older ages tend to have little to do. Maybe it was hobbies that they became very good at. There is a few different theories, could be some, all, or none, but I wouldnt say the correlation is accurate meaning i do not think you should become a drunk in order to become a writer.

Of course, Hemingway and Poe were obviously depressed and angst ridden. Alcohol fueled there emotions.
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Originally posted by cerealkiller182
Of course, Hemingway and Poe were obviously depressed and angst ridden. Alcohol fueled there emotions.
That could also pertain to Fitzgerald. His wife's mental illness, his suspected bipolar disorder, ect... It's been said that Fitzgerald died considering himself a failure.
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I have long suspected that people of genius like creatrivity works are usualy people with something else that isn't quite right. I'm not sure I worded that right but you know what I mean.

Writers, actors, musicians artists. The very best of the best all seem to be a little unhinged or suffer from a damaging addiction. I trully believe it is the way these people see the world from a different pov that defines their genius.

Genius always comes with madness I believe.
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Plus, if they OD or die of alcohol poisoning when they are young, they are more revered and famous. Funny how things work out.
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