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Old 01-12-2007, 07:29 PM
Hulk vs Master Chief

My friend is a big fan of Halo and he loves Master Cheif and it was making me a little bit pissed because Master Cheif supposedly has this really advanced suit, he can run really fast, aim really well, has an energy sheild, yadda yadda so I started finding people who can hand Master Cheif's ass to him.

I just threw out that the Hulk could SMASH Cheif anyday but my friend comes back and said that a bullet in the brain would be enough to take out the Hulk. And this is not just regular bullets, these are bullets from the future...whatever that means. (he said it, not me) I said that was complete BULL because Hulk has taken a nuke to the chest and been alright.

My question is this. Would, if the bullets were able to penetrate Hulk's skin, a couple bullets to the brain cause the Hulk to fall? Considering he has a healing ability, gets stronger as he gets angrier, etc?

lol you sorta have to know both the Halo universe and Hulk.
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