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anyone read wanted

the comic by mark millar and j g jones.

the story in a nutshell

about a world where the supervillians kill all the superheroes then erase them from history.a nerdy guy finds out his dad was a super villian and so takes up the family name,and kills kills kills.

funny,violent and witty.

wow jg jones is a god in my eyes ,love his art shame he mostly does covers but when he draws a comic its something .like joey mad returning to comics.

now they`re making it into a movie ,hopefully they won`t wuss out .i here morgan freemans in it not sure who he`s playing which i s good thing or a bad thing as i can`t see freeman starring in a over the top violent movie ?.
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I was totally into it until the final page spread. I didnt see any problem with the main taking the money in the end. I actually thought thats where the character was going. To literally have the main character say "Fuck you" to the reader was just too over the top. It totally killed the entire story and pulled me out of it in an instant. The ending just wasnt shocking enough to have earned the title of "Fucking the audiance in the ass."
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I just bought and finished the Trade Paper back yesterday. Good stuff.

Other Series I Like:

Planetary (Best Ever)
Y: The Last Man
Ex Machina
X-Factor (the new series)
The Dark Knight Returns
Astonishing X-men
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