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Warren Ellis' Black Gas

I'm a big Warren Ellis fan but have never really taken to the horror stuff he's done for Avatar Press. So it was with more than a little trepidation and nary a sniff of high expectations that I picked up the three issues that comprise the first volume of Black Gas. Did I like it? Would Mel Gibson kick a blind jew in the nuts? Hell yeah!!! This is one gory, violent comic book. It reminded me a little of 28 Days Later but with the volume turned up to 11. Once things kick into gear at the end of issue one it's a non-stop thrill ride through a world of pain and bloodshed.

Seriously folks, there are some truly chilling moments here and the good thing about it being published by Avatar instead of one of the big two (or even Dark Horse) is that Ellis is pretty much given free reign to throw as many hardcore horror elements at the reader as possible. This is not a comic for wusses. Seriously though...this was a fucking joy to read and would make for an awesome movie (a hard R would be guarenteed and even then they would have to downscale the mayhem that exists on the pages of the comic). Highly fucking recommended.
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Heres what I want to know. Is this out in a Trade Paperback Form? Ive looked but cant seem to find it.
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Did I like it? Would Mel Gibson kick a blind jew in the nuts? Hell yeah!!!
Lol....Ellis owns. Planetary is my favorite comic series ever, so I will definitely be checking this out. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
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shame on me,i think the ellis freaking owns,

never heard of this.

what is the actually story about,people fighting zombies?.
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