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Buffy/Angel Novels

I'm trying to track down as many of the Buffy and Angel novels published hardcover (preferably in the U.S.) that aren't written specifically for children. Here's a list of what I've found so far:

Go Ask Malice
Queen of the Slayers
Pale Reflections
Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 1
Tales of the Slayer, Vols. 2 & 3
The Gatekeeper Trilogy
The Book of Fours
Spike And Dru : Pretty Maids All In A Row
Endangered Species
Monster Island
Crossings (Amazon has this listed for sale but I can't find it anywhere else)
Image (ditto)
Chosen (ditto, except it's unavailable)
The Lost Slayer: The Complete Series (UK edition)
Seven Crows/Cursed (UK edition)

It's been difficult finding Angel novels purely due to the commonality of the name but if anybody knows of any other Angel or Buffy hardcover novels not listed here I'd appreciate the heads up.
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