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Batman Graphic Novels I Should Be Reading

Alright, so I'm a huge Batman fan, but I've come to realize that my knowledge of the character is mostly based on the cartoon and only a small amount of the comics. What graphic novels should I start looking for?

I've read:
The Dark Knight Returns
The Dark Knight Strikes Again
Year One
The Long Halloween
Dark Victory
The Killing Joke
EDIT: Also Knightfall

And I'm right now looking for:

A Death in the Family
Face the Face
The Man Who Laughs

If there are any really good graphic novels with storylines involving Two-Face I would definitely appreciate knowing those, but obviously any will do.

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I'm not really a Batman expert (I've read most of what you have), but I'd check out Arkham Asylum. Different, but very cool stuff.
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I've been told by a few people to check out the Arkham ones now, they're definitely on the list.

Some other ones I found that I would like opinions on:

Year Two (a.k.a Fear the Reaper)
Year Three
The Man Who Falls
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Year Two's fun--- if you liked the animated movie "Mask of the Phantasm" you'll love this one

Year three: not as good, to be honest

once you read year two, you should get the one-shot "full cycle"
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Oh sir, you have to read Hush. 'Tis awesome.
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What's the one that is done by Frank Miller really recently, reshowing Robin's origin and what not? The one where Batman calls himself The Batman like 8 times?

Avoid that one. It's horrible.
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Originally posted by Jim H
What's the one that is done by Frank Miller really recently, reshowing Robin's origin and what not? The one where Batman calls himself The Batman like 8 times?

Avoid that one. It's horrible.
All Star Batman and Robin. It's not the first, nor second, nor really a couple hundreth time I've heard that about the title, but I'm a Frank Miller whore so I'll probably read it eventually.
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Similar topic from a few months ago: http://www.joblo.com/forums/showthre...hreadid=109999
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Whats the film noir one?
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I've heard a good elseworlds tale is Gotham by Gaslight, i think tis liek Batman turn of the centry kind of stuff but i haven't read it myself.
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Gotham by Gaslight is mediocre at best, and the noir one you speak of is "Gotham Noir." 'tis awesome.

I'm really sick of responding to the same fucking question over and over again, so use the search function if you wish to read one of my dozen responses.
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If you can find it and excellent book is an old elseworld comic called "Batman: Dark Joker the Wild"-- exceptional art by Kelley Jones... Definately a must read --- but like i said, if you can find it... You'll recognize his work from all the Knightfall covers-- he is excellent with muscles and really dark style.

Also-- I would check out pretty much anything by Tim Sale / Jeph Loeb... Haunted Knight...

Anything by Frank Miller is worthy of a ready as well.

hope this helps
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You've read the main ones; here are some other suggestions..

Batman: Haunted Knight - Collection of Jeph Loeb / Tim Sale collabos, already mentioned here. I mention it again because it contains what I think to be probably my all-time favorite Scarecrow story, "Choices".

Batman: The Cult - Really dark, slightly disturbing story of Batman being mentally broken and brainwashed by a cult leader in the sewers. Macabre art by Bernie Wrightston. Recommended.

Batman: Child Of Dreams - Full-fledged "anime" or "manga"-styled work. Not for everyone, but has great art and a solid story.

Batman: Detective - Recent TPB collecting Batman: Animated Series creator Paul Dini's run on Detective Comics. Fun, self-contained, one-shot stories.

Son Of Batman: Also recent collection of Grant Morrison's/Andy Kubert's run on regular Batman, introducing Batman's "son", Damian. Storyline seems to be leading up to next year's rumoured "Death Of Bruce Wayne" story. Will bring you up to speed with the current Bat-universe, if you care about that sort of thing. Morrison shines, Kubert's art is pretty badass most of the time.

Face The Face I found to be very mediocre, but it is Two-Face centered. It's been reprinted many times, but Batman: Annual 14 has my fave Two Face story: a really gritty re-interpreting of his origin. Probably in a trade somewhere.

Year Two and Three basically suck balls. Your money is better spent elsewhere. Death In Family and Lonely Place Of Dying, the last of which focuses on Two Face, are both definitely worth your time.

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I enjoyed Gotham By Gaslight for what it is. But, I've been a long time follower of Mignola's work so, that probably made up for the weak story.

Also, in my collection are some oldies but goodies:
- Arkham Asylum
- Son of the Demon
- Legend of the Dark Knight # 43 - 44: Hot House
- Legend of the Dark Knight # 54: Sanctum
- Batman #400
- Batman Adventures: Holiday Special #1
- Batman Adventures Annual #1 & 2
- Mad Love
- Batman: The Killing Joke
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