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Simon Dark by Steve Niles & Scott Hampton

Talk about a marriage made in heaven (or hell would perhaps be more appropriate given the dark and nasty nature of this comic). Steve Niles and Scott Hampton have an absolute winner on their hands here. Simon Dark is the first new comic book in a long time to really catch my attention. Set in Gotham City the story centers on a neighbourhood that finds itself under the protection of the mysterious Simon Dark. He's an unconventionaly hero and comes on like a cross between Edward Scissorhands, Daredevil and a horror movie villain (although he is not a villain...I mean in terms of how he looks). Three issues in and i'm absolutely hooked. Although this is released as part of the standard DC imprint it's a lot closer to the kind of material released via Vertigo. Steve Niles is putting together something special here. Highly recommended. One more thing...it would be neglectful of me to mention the amazing, atmospheric visuals provided by Scott Hampton. This is definitely one of those occasions where the writers skills dovetail so perfectly with the artists aesthetic skills that the titles success belongs equally to both creative talents. Absolutely stunning stuff.

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