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VIDEO CAPSULE: Westworld (6/10)


Written and directed by Michael Chrichton in 1973, this film has a similar plot line to JURASSIC PARK. It a futuristic movie about a vacation place which offers folks everything they want from the Western or Roman or Medieval times, including robots who look and act exactly as humans, for only a thousand dollars a day. Sorta like the system they had set in TOTAL RECALL also, or EXISTENZ for that matter, only you REALLY do physically interact with these human robots.

Needless to say, "something" eventually goes wrong in this robotic vacation land and much fun ensues...or does it?

For me, the film had a great premise and started strong, but ultimately gave away most of its cards early on in the game, and just sort of dragged out its ending. The film is "okay" but nothing more. Great robotic performance by Yul Brenner though (he's supposed to be a robot, so that's a compliment! [img]/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

Stars James Brolin, Yul Brenner and Richard Benjamin
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"Westworld" (1973) was one of those star-vehicle films that utilized the current hot properties of the time...Brolin was a sort-of-star (some early bit parts in movies) and Yul Brynner had recently resorted to doing crappy films (the 1972 Burt Reynolds crap-fest known as "FUZZ", where Brynner plays a blind extortionist) and this was a last ditch attempt to reconcile their careers...Brolin went on to star in 1979's "The Amityville Horror", a slew of TV movies and 1997's "Lewis & Clark & George" with Rose McGowan...Brynner went on to make some forgettable flicks including "Futureworld", the sequel to "Westworld"...and Richard Benjamin, well I will just say that he was pretty good in Woody Allen's 1997 film "Deconstructing Harry"...but Richard, what was up with "Saturday the 14th"?...truly awful...

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