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VIDEO CAPSULE: The Ghost and the Darkness (6/10)

The Ghost and the Darkness starring Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas

Not as exciting as I thought it to be. In fact, I was quite bored during certain stretches of this movie, especially before Michael Douglas' character got on board (which only occured about 45 minutes into the movie).

The story was a semi-interesting one at best, and despite it being based on a true story, didn't really seem to go much further than your typical "monster on the loose" type movies.

Kilmer was okay as the lead, although his accent kept coming and going, and Douglas was...well, the same character he perfected in the ROMANCING THE STONE flicks.

Some of the suspense was decent, but more than not, the film basically just followed folks around, pistols cocked and ready to shoot.

I don't know...maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this slow-paced thriller, but all in all, it just didn't do much for me.
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