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"Snatch" A Review by %

Let me start off by saying that this may contain ***SPOILERS***. I'll try to avoid it, but I may slip, and it will be hard to express my opinion thoroughly without using spoilers.

I came into this movie with a lot of anticipation. I wanted to see it opening week-end. When that didn't work, I tried later that week, once again, I couldn't get in. I tried maybe 5 times before finally viwing it, and let me just say, I thought it was great. Not to say that it was what I expected, or hoped for, but it was still great. Now on with the review.
Like I said, it wasn't at all what I expected. I expected a flat out laugh riot, as the preview made it seem that way. What I got instead was an intricate plot of basic idiots thrown into a jewel heist. The plot was great and reminded me of basically Pulp Fiction in a lot of ways.
It takes a while for the movie to get started, mostly to introduce the characters, develop them, and introduce the plot. I actually was kind of worried after the first 10 minutes or so when there wasn't a laugh in sight. But it got better quickly once we got into the much better, hipper characters.
I have to give credit to Brad Pitt, who gives one of the best performances that I have seen in a long time in this movie. A few years ago, if you would have asked me about Brad Pitt, I would have responded with, "He's gay," or "He sucks." But after maturing in film appreciation, and after superb performances in Se7en, Fight Club, and Snatch, not to mention many others, I would say that he is one of the best actors of our time(and by our time, I mean 13-25 year olds). Also, I loved the characters of Sol and Vinny, played wonderfully by Lennie James and Robbie Gee respectively, who were easily the funniest characters in the film(unless you really think that thick accents are funny). I don't think that I'll ever forget a certain squeak toy scene that easily is the funniest scene from any 2000 movie, IMO. The others all did well with their parts, but I was a little turned off by Turkish and Tommy, who, while they were still pretty good, were mostly off except for in the scenes with Mickey, Brad Pitt's character.
The directing is excellent in this movie. I haven't seen so much style and over-the-top camera angles and tricks since Pulp Fiction. Guy Ritchie definitely seems to know what he wants to do with his films. Although, I have know idea what he wants quite yet, I can tell you that he is accomplishing it.
I can't really think of any objecions I have with this movie, other than the Turkish and Tommy characters. Also, I think that they could have done a little bit more with my man Benicio Del Toro as Franky Four Fingers. He dominated the beginning of the movie, but after the first 15 minutes, he was kind of absent(and for good reason, if you've seen it), but I think a little bit more of him would have been nice.
All in all, a really great film, that I hope was just not considered for the Academy Awards. If it was eligible for this year, it looks like we can add another film to list of "screwed over" films of '00. See it if you liked Lock, Stock... hell, see it if you didn't like Lock, Stock... There are much worse things that you could have wasted your money on if you don't happen to like it. I just have one last question for you: Do ya loyk dags?

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I completely forgot to put my rating of Snatch.

My Rating of Snatch: 8.5/10

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