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PCU (8.5/10)

How Comedy Central can put this on their mastercheese theater is beyond me. I can watch this movie over and over again. As far as college movies go, I rank just a tiny bit behind Animal House and a spot ahead of Road Trip.

It's about a high school senior is visting Port Chester University and is shown around campus by a professional student, not unlike myself, played by Jeremy Piven who has so many great one liners. He is the head of house known as the Pit who are rivels of the Secret Society of Balls and Shaft led by David Spade is his usual sarcastic mode.

You won't even recognize Jon Favreau from Swingers in his role as Gutter. Jake Busey also has as small but funny role as a hippy pot head.

Somebody needs to get off their arse and get this thing on dvd. Oh I almost forgot, you can't beat the Caine-Hackman theory that says that 24 hours a day somewhere on t.v. you can find a movie starring Michael Caine or Gene Hackman.

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