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Benny and Joon(8/10)

"Benny and Joon", directed by Jeremiah Chechik

For days and days I've had "500 miles", the hit song to Benny and Joon in my head, playing and thumping out at top nocth.

When I was 5 I first saw Benny and Joon with my cousin Alie in California(yes, I was originally from California) and I thought it was such a great film(but my memory is a little sketchy since that was eight years ago ).

Now, just a few days ago, I was searching through the channels one morning on one of my schedueled fake-sickness days and I came across the film "Benny and Joon", playing on one of the premium movie Channels. and so,I watched.........

Benny and Joon starts out with some pretty good laughs and ends up at the "brink of reality" and that's what is it, sorda a true romance about a boy who thinks he's Buster Keaton(played by Johnny Depp) and a metally Ill woman who somehow under the toughest of circumstances somehow become in love as they fight through all the "reality" surrounding them.

What I love most about this film is the reality and how love just isn't always like it is in most movies in tv. Love can come from anywhere and happen to anyone.

I call it a modern day love story, some don't like it, others are charmed by it's cute love and all the diversity these two misfits have to deal with.

Well, I loved BENNY AND JOON and I loved the cute little love story and if you don't like it Va Fa 'n Culo!

[NOTE: Va Fa 'n Culo means "fuck off" in Italian-slang]


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This was a pretty good movie. The cast did a great job and Mary Stuart Masterson was
especially charming as Joon. The movie was very predictable and didn't offer anything
new, but I was entertained anyway. It was sweet and touching and I liked all of the
characters. I also loved that it featured the song 500 Miles by The Proclaimers, it's a
good song that actually helped me like the movie a bit better. I recommend Benny And
Joon to anyone looking for a decent Romantic Dramedy (Comedy and Drama).

Grade: 7/10
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You're right Mike, it didn't offer anything new, but I thought it was marginally entertaining. Depp is great in his role. My rating would be lower though. 6/10
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