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DON JUAN DeMARCO ( 1995 ) 7 / 10

Wandering around at the Video Rental yesterday, I came across this movie. Normally, I wouldn't touch something that reeks so much of chesse-dropping romanticism. I get these strange Vibration when I stand in front of those boxes like "Titanic", "Romeo & Juliet", "Shakespere in Love"...the likes. It urges me just not to rent them, reminding me how I spent one afternoon listening to my younger cousain telling me how much she's in love with Leonardo di Caprio, how much the Soundtrack to Titanic is sooooo touching, how many times she still keeps crying when she sees the final scene of "Romeo and Juliet" and how much she's waiting for "Shakespere in Love" to come to our local cinema with all her girlfriends. Urrgh! I think you catch my drift here, movies like this just scream "stay away" to me. The only reason I finally picked up "Don Juan De Marco" was Johnny Depp at the Box Cover and this is usual an actor that I can enjoy. Still there was this feeling of having rented complete soap-oparistic garbarge on my way home and I put the Tape in with mixed expectations.

Lucky for me, this movie was not in the least what I was afraid it would be. It doesn't really concern the "real-life"(I don't think he ever existed in real life) Don Juan, it considers Depp thinking/pretending/hallucinating he is Don Juan. Wandering around in 1993 with his mask and cape, he's getting laid a lot by woman who can't help but fall for him really being "the worlds greatest lover ever". Sounds great for him, but it isn't. We quikly learn that he wants to die because his only true love Donna Anna is not longer with him. So he deceides to end his life with honours, only to be ärrrm..."rescued" by Marlon Brando, staring as Psychatrist Dr. Middler. Middler tries to cure Depp of his Don Juanism, but instead, he gets himself cured by Depp who turns out to be more than he thought.

What I liked about this movie is, how it mangeges to juggle Comedy ( I laughed out loud many times ), Drama ( Depp thinks he has lived through all the shit the real Don Juan has ) & Romance, although that last aspect comes into play very late and is the least explored. Depp is great as usual, his way with woman is a laugh riot but it succeeds. If there is any movie out there that gurantees getting laid after watching it with your Girlfriend, this is it. ( shit, must tape this movie, back in 5 minutes...) Back in here, I just noticed that Faye Dunway is also in this movie. However, the acting by everybody involved is great, great, great! It's cool to see Depp and Brando trying to convice each other that they are both not insane. The plot then covers all of Depp's (Mis)adventures as his alternate Don Juan persona. This causes Dr. Middler to gain a new positive outlook on life & love.

What I didn't like about this movie was the ending. Waaayy too happy for my tastes, loaded with "love is the only thing worth living even if the one you love doesn't even exist" bullcrap, I could have done with something, well, less cliched. On the other Hand, I liked how the movie didn't end how this would all end up in reality ( with Depp spending the rest of his life on medication ). There is not much suspense, the only small thread the movie has are Middler's fellow Psychatrists who think that it would be better if Middler drugged Depp already ( he refuses to give him medication until he heard the whole story ). There are some quite touching moments, but no real chance that this movie might change your life as much as Depp's tale changed the one of Brando. Sometimes I thought that Middler's Life isn't really worth all the screen-time it gets, but hey, that's the point.

In the End, I definitely recommend this movie to every Johnny Depp fan out there, chances are, you won't regret it. I'll also slap my tape to my cousin so she might get an impression how romance & drama can be handled without screaming "Leo is sooo cuuuuttee!". Depp definitely is a factor that makes this movie worth my time, but it's not the only one. It's not exactly "Dead Man" or "Fear and Loathing" ( both a hands down 10/10 for me), but it's well worth watching.
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I remember when I saw the movie for the first time I thought that`s the most romantic movie, I`ve seen.Of course that was a long time ago and now I don`t think so, but I`ll always remember the impression it left in me.Besides I really adore Bryan Adams`song from the movie (one of my fav songs).So my score is 7.3/10.
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