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Pollock 8/10

It's been a while.

"Pollock" - A fantastic movie, recommended for those looking for something to think about, no action, and an anti-hero lead character.

A remember watching this year's Academy Awards thinking to myself, "who's this Marcia Gay Harden chick...?" Who she is is one extremely convincing actress - a talent I look forward to seeing again on the big screen (that Max Bickford show sucks...).

Equally and always impressive is Ed Harris. As the title character Jackson Pollock, Harris re-creates a man and character unlike anything I've ever seen him do. A deeply disturbed and dangerously alcoholic who is given a get-out-of-the-army-free pass goes onto to create paintings and larger-than-life murals with what could be described as a schizophrenic flare. What makes matters worse for Jackson is that he becomes hugely popular - if only for a short time - and is forced to deal with fame, his own raging selfishness and the 'L' word: Love.

The downsides... The film does drag on toward the end - a foregone conclusion that remains hidden far too long... Ed Harris' directing, althoug quite good at times, does require a little honing (if my unqualified opinion stands for anything). Then again, maybe it's the editor that has some issues to work out. The movie just seemed quite choppy at times - transitions sans smoothness. And distant, I often felt as though I wasn't being allowed in all the way...

All in all, I do recommend "Pollock" - and on DVD there's a few raw deleted scenes worth having a gander at.

Take it easy,
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What I wanna know is, how the hell did Russell Crowe win Best Actor for his monotone performance in Gladiator over Ed Harris in this? Stupid, stupid Academy.
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I concur fully Scorchlord. It's not often the Academy makes sense...
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