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THE STING (1973) **** out of ****

In Depression-era Chicago, Johnny Hooker (Robert Redford) and Luther Coleman (Robert Earl Jones) make their living conning poor suckers out of their cash. But one day, they make the mistake of conning a numbers runner for Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw), an Irish rackets boss who gets back by killing Luther and sending his "favorite torpedoes" after Hooker. Enter Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman), a veteran con artist hiding out from the feds. The two conmen team up to exact the ultimate revenge: playing the big con on Lonnegan. In the meantime, though, Hooker is pursued by a corrupt cop (Charles Durning), and the FBI begins to close in on Gondorff's location.

THE STING is one of the best films I have ever seen, hands-down. Every performance is sharp and on-key (with a Newman-Redford team up that surpasses BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID), George Roy Hill's careful attention paid to the exquisite period detail, and Marvin Hamlisch's ragtime score playing on the soundtrack. But the best part is David S. Ward's screenplay, which throws caution to the wind and blends comedy, drama, action, and suspense into one easygoing package filled with wonderful snippets of dialogue, a triple-twist ending (with one of cinema's best closing lines), and the best poker scene these moviegoing eyes have seen.

THE STING won Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, and numerous other awards for the 1973 ceremony; it deserves each and every one it got.
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A very sweet movie 10/10 I love that old movie look,quality and feel. Charles Durning was hilarious and all the little role were played perfect.
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Jack Kehoe's Erie Kid is my idol, as is Charles Dierkop as Floyd the bodyguard.
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I loved this movie too. Teriffic entertainment, for any time. The ragtime music they used was a really good choice to use and gives it it's own feel. Not surprisingly, it holds up well in repeat viewings.
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The movie was astonishing for 1973 and is still astonishing in the year 2001!

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I first saw this movie when I was 10 and have loved it since. As Jimmy said it stands the test of time. Also great acting by Redford and Newman. 10/10!
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Yep, THE STING(9.5/10) truly delivers. Perfectly paced to deliver a superb blend of witty comedy and inventive tension.

The entire cast shines, Robert Shaw is at his villianous best and the Newman/Redford chemistry is spot on.

A top notch film that can never be seen to many times.
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