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The Big Kahuna, starring Kevin Spacey (American Beauty), Danny DeVito (Unfortunately, we know him from Twins), and newcomer Peter Facinelli (Angela), and revolves around three men, their business, and whats wrong with their lifes. Has an air of American Beauty mixed with Fight Club, but in a Christianity Club kinda way.
This movie gave us what we as movie go-ers want for the first part of the film. It was fast-paced, quick, funny. Spacey shot out one-liner after one-liner, and if you didnt laugh even the slightest bit your obviously dull and have no sense of humor. You sort of get to know the characters in their exterior.
Unfortunately, the film droops to a slower, more serious pace as if someone slammed their foot on the breaks. The plot thickens, but with it the conversations become more serious, with a bit more deeper meaning than what kind of woman turns you on convos. It loses it's pace rather drastically, but in a way it's good for the film.
Now, do not rent this unless you like films with dialogue. I am one of those people who can listen to three people talk in a hotel room on the silver screen for two hours and say the movie wasn't half-assed in the end. But if you cant do this, well, put down the movie and come out with your hands up.
The casting was delightful with this film - they chose the perfect actors for the characters, and they fit just... perfectly. But they were slightly wasted in the film, since it could have been something much better, much bigger.
Those are my two cents. I give it 6/10.
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I rather enjoyed this stage play to screen, movie. It didn't have much plot to it, but the performances were rather good from the three main characters. One thing I did like about it was that we really got to know these characters, and they made it entertaining for the short ninety minute duration. 7/10
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I found THE BIG KAHUNA(8/10) to be very amusing.

Much in the same vein as "Glengary Glenross" and "Swimming with Sharks" this movie is filled with entertaining dialogue and well rounded charecters.

The film delivers, for those who are fans of stage plays translated to the big screen.
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