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NEAR DARK (1987)

I just watched NEAR DARK for the first time and I really enjoyed it. Adrian Pasdar was very likeable as Caleb and you actually care about him. I thought Bill Paxton sucked though, he was so annoying, his character anyway. I never really liked Bill Paxton before but I didn't hate him either. But after seeing him in this movie I don't like him at all. And it's just because of the character he played in this movie, I just can't help it. He did an alright job playing the part but the vampire he played was so fucking annoying. And the vampire kid was annoying too. Anyway, it was a really cool and very interesting vampire flick that kept me guessing. I was never really sure how it would end until the last 10 minutes or so, then I figured it out. This is one of my favorite vampire movies. My three favorites are THE LOST BOYS, THE FORSAKEN, and NEAR DARK. I also enjoyed INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. But I didn't like John Carpenter's VAMPIRES or DRACULA 2000 that well. And I still haven't seen Bram Strokers DRACULA... Anyway, NEAR DARK was a very good vampire movie... THUMBS UP!

Grade: 8/10
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