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Mach 2-(2001)

Mach 2
Starring:Brian Bosworth,Shannon Whirry,Lance Guest,Charles Cyphers and Michael Dorn

Plot: The concorde airplane,which is holding one of the 2 surviving canidates for presidencency,after one was shot down,is taken hostage by the same terrorists who killed the one canidate...The CIA,Secret Services and other goverment groups all are linked together in this web of murder and terrorism to take out 2 canidates leaving the one who is in charge of this as president...Its up to Bosworth,(looking better then ever) To save the plane from being shot down,along with the people including the senator/canidate,and stop the terrorists...he is a veteran air force graduate,but is afraid/doesnt know how to do anything with planes...so he has help from fellow on boarders,whirry and guest take care of hurt people and technology...cant explain that much as i aint that great at that,but it definetly is a must see for all thriller/action fans...dont expect non stop fighting from bosworth,mostly suspense,but all adds up to great movie with great acting...bosworth needs a big screen comeback...

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This one's goin straight to video right??
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its out already....
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