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Whatever it takes

Whatever It Takes
Starring: Shane West,Marla Scokloff, James Franco, Jodi Lynn 'o Keefe, and Aaron Paul
Plot: Two guys decided to work together to get girls.

I liked this movie alot, better than some of the other teen movies that are out today. I especially liked Aaron Paul in this movie as his charecter Floyd. I also liked Shane west alot in this. Here's the story:

Ryan(Shane West) is in awe of Ashley Grant(Jodi Lynn O Keefe) and Chris(James Franco) is wanting Ryan's friend Maggie(Marla Sokoloff). So Chris decides to do whatever it takes to get Maggie, including swiping identities with Ryan.

I laughed alot during Floyd's parts and i enjoyed this movie.

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This movie was a 4/10 for me. I didn't like the acting and it was a little too cliched for my taste but some people may enjoy it......

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