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Judith Eva Barsi

I decided to create this thread in memory of child actress Judith Barsi because I had been thinking about her the last couple of days and her tragic demise. Judith did the voice of both Ducky from The Land Before Time and Anne Marie from All Dogs Go to Heaven. She was unfortunately murdered by her asshole father at the age of ten. Here is the article from Wikipedia:

Judith Barsi was the daughter of Hungarian immigrants Jozsef Barsi and Maria Barsi née Benko, who had both fled the 1956 Soviet occupation of Hungary and then emigrated to Los Angeles, California shortly before the birth of their daughter. Her mother dreamed of her becoming an actress, as she once made an effort to do so for herself. When Judith was five years old, she was "discovered" at a skating rink. Looking younger than she was, she was mistaken for a three-year-old. She went on to appear in over 70 commercials and soon appeared in films. Later in her life, Judith had growth hormone injections to encourage her growth.

As Judith became more famous, her father Jozsef, an alcoholic and unemployed plumber, became increasingly abusive, jealous, and paranoid. He would mentally abuse Judith and once held a knife to her throat while threatening to kill her, because he was convinced that his wife and daughter would leave for a photo shoot or movie shoot and never come back. Judith was taken to a child psychologist after breaking down in front of her agent. The psychologist identified severe mental, physical and emotional abuse, and reported her findings to the authorities. Jozsef would often stay home drunk and refused to let Maria work. The family was on welfare for a brief period until Judith's career started taking off in around 1986. By the time she entered fourth grade, she was earning an estimated $100,000 a year which helped her buy the family a three-bedroom house in West Hills, California. Jozsef suffered from paranoia and had their house surrounded by a high-fence which could only be opened from inside the house.

Jozsef continued to remain a recluse and threatened to kill his wife and daughter many times. Child Protective Services was called numerous times, but as Maria was reluctant to press any charges, the case was never followed up. Maria rented an apartment for her daughter and herself as a daytime safe haven away from Jozsef. On July 27, 1988 the bodies of Judith and Maria Barsi were discovered by fire fighters responding to a call from a neighbor reporting a fire at the Barsi house. The date of the murder has never been determined; the police have said that Jozsef could have killed his wife and child on July 25 or July 26. It is believed that, after realizing that Maria was planning to leave him, Jozsef entered Judith's second-floor bedroom and shot her in the head; he then shot Maria in the same way as she ran down the corridor toward her daughter's room. He then drenched the bodies in gasoline and set the house on fire before shooting himself in the garage.

Judith and her mother were buried in an unmarked grave at the Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles. In June 2004, a fund was set up to get headstones for their graves. Judith's marker was placed on August 23, 2004 while one for her mother was placed on January 28, 2005. Future donations will go toward donating Beanie Babies to hospitalized children. Judith's marker reads "Our Concrete Angel - Yep Yep Yep" in reference to a popular song about child abuse and her character Ducky's catchphrase from The Land Before Time. Her mother's marker reads "The wind beneath JEB's (Judith's initials) wings - Yep Yep Yep".

Irene Cara and Freddie Jackson reportedly recorded the All Dogs Go to Heaven theme song "Love Survives" for Judith (the film, which she voices the orphaned Anne-Marie, was released a year and a half after her death in 1989).

It's a damn shame how things had to end for her. Anyone who gives a thumbs down has no heart.

Well thats all for now GOoD JOURNEY my fellow schmoes.
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As annoying as she was in some of her acting parts, what happened to her is a horrifying tragedy that should never be forgotten...
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That "Yep Yep Yep" mention brought a tear to my eye. I loved Ducky and Anne-Marie. She had a near adult grasp of pitch-perfect, and honest emotional resonance in her voice for certain scenes.

I also remember her from Jaws 4. I found out about what happened to her maybe 5 years ago and just was shocked how a child that adorable and sweet could die such a senseless and violent death.
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Yeah, adding that line just makes it so much more sad for some reason.

Well thats all for now GOoD JOURNEY my fellow schmoes.
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Holy shit! That's a depressing story, especially since she was a rising talent - for voicework, or otherwise.

It's been forever since I've seen Land Before Time or All Dogs Go to Heaven, but the "Yep, yep, yep" is definitely memorable.
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I just found out about this a few weeks ago actually. Its tragic, just fucking tragic.

Land Before Time has always been one of my favorite childhood films.
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