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Tropic Thunder

"Shit. I was afraid of this. The same thing happened to me when I played Neil Armstrong in Moonshot. They found me in an alley in Burbank re-entering the Earth's atmosphere in an old refrigerator box." -Kirk Lazarus

Tropic Thunder - 9/10

What a fucking great summer for comedies. Tropic Thunder was one of my most anticipated of the summer, and it did not disappoint. In fact, it may have exceeded my expectations. There are so many lines crossed in this movie, it's fucking great. Ben Stiller and co-writers definitely took it to the next level when writing this script. I'm talking about some of the filthiest dialogue you've heard in years and nearly every line is brilliant. The performances are great all around. Ben Stiller is very funny here, and his scenes as Simple Jack and the panda had me nearly in tears. Jack Black is brilliant as the drug addicted comedian, who will literally go to any lines to relieve his withdrawal... and yes, that includes sucking a dick and swallowing some gravy. Brandon T. Jackson is actually VERY funny here, and had some of the best lines in the movie. Danny McBride was funny here with the time he had on screen, although not quite as funny as the hysterical Red which he plays in Pineapple Express. Matthew McConaughey is good here with the screen time that he has. Then we have the two performances that had me cracking at nearly every line. One of which is Robert Downey Jr. who you knew coming into the movie was going to be absolutely hysterical. And the hype didn't lie, he was insanely hilarious. That was pretty much a given. Then there is another performance, one you may or may not have heard of going into the movie. That would be Tom Cruise who had me laughing so hard I started to get a headache. His appearance... you have to see it to believe it. His dance... you have to see it to believe it. Just brilliant stuff, and I greatly appreciate Tom taking a role like this and nailing the living fuck out of it. Another thing that might get overshadowed because of the laughs and performances, may be the direction of Ben Stiller. Beautiful shots, great direction, and great action. The movie wouldn't have been the same without his direction job. So overall, Tropic Thunder is an absolutely hilarious film that will have you laughing from start to finish, with its great script, brilliant performances, and smooth direction. This is a must see.
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Just saw it.

Was funny. And dumb..... But overall I enjoyed most of it.
..Downey does his thang well and Black had sum funny moments especially towards the end.

Only complaints that I'm sure won't be popular but Tom Cruise role gets old fast. At least with me it did.... The dance shit wasn't funny and rather embarassing. I knew what they going for but it didn't work with me....and damn I pretty much forgot Matthew Ma whats his face was in it.

Its a coo movie but it walks the fine line of crap. For all the loot they spent on this movie there aint much movie just sum funny lines and hilarious moments.

Simple Jack was sum funny shit, fuckin Stiller is a nut job.

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Loved it and loved the stuff "before" the movie. "MTV Movie award Best Kiss Winner, Tobey Maguire" Everyone was so cool to come and do this.

"I love to see that pussy juice drippin down to the floor!" I wasn't expecting that at all. I am one of the few people that likes Matthew Mc C. I loved him in this. Overall, this was a great time. It dragged at parts, but it's a definite purchase for me.

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The movie starts off kind of slow and annoying, but once the characters are in the jungle and facing off in a real combat, it's actually very funny. Ben Stiller plays the usual clueless character, but this time he's got Robert Downey Jr. along for the ride and he steals every scene he's in, playing an Australian actor who's playing a black actor in the war movie. He's a riot. Jack Black is also in the movie, but he mostly just bitches throughout the movie since he's a drug addict who's in withdrawal while in the jungle. Dumb character. Another who steals the show in every scene he's in, though they're few and far between - Tom Cruise. He plays a foul-mouthed, hairy studio exec who's pissed that the movie he's financing is having production problems. He's hysterical in the movie, throwing out f-bombs and other colorful expressions every chance he gets.

The movie doesn't just poke fun at Hollywood, but also Hollywood war films. I noticed "homages" to Saving Private Ryan, Platoon and Apocalypse Now. Ben Stiller (star, director, writer) knew what he wanted to do and I think he achieved that, make fun of Hollywood. First flick of his I've enjoyed in a while.

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Hands down the funniest movie of the year (Pineapple Express is a close second, followed by Step Brothers.) Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and yes even Robert Downey, Jr. were comedic gold.
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Cuba Gooding Junior went full retard

Watched Tropic Thunder the other night.
Enjoyed it alot. The end kind of dwindled away but all in all it made me laugh.

Robert D. Jnr. was excellent. All of the actors held their own. Tom Cruise is very funny and very sweary.

After watching Night at the museum, who would have thought stiller could still pull it off. But he's fuckin' nuts in this movie.
Simple Jack has some nice lines. "It m-m-m-makes my eyes rain"

overall ill give 7/10

Save our cinema
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(Ben Stiller, 2008)

A question of comparison almost as common as “Pepsi or Coca Cola?” that often arises asks to choose the favourite between Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller. Both have very different comedic styles that cater to different kinds of audiences: Sandler is more exaggerated and crude, while Stiller seems to be more sophisticated and gravitates more towards parody than grossing out, although in my opinion he is the less funny of the two. So while Zoolander was a very clever send-up of the male fashion world, it just wasn’t that funny besides the uncanny number of celebrity cameos. Luckily for Stiller, in his most recent directorial effort, Tropic Thunder, which parodies every possible aspect and angle of Hollywood – actors, producers, directors, screenwriters, agents, genres, award shows, trailers, and everything in between – he brings along a crew of hilarious comic talents to help him deliver the laughs.

The film is, first and foremost, a rather clever parody of everything Hollywood, featuring washed-up action stars, prestigious Oscar-winning Australian method actors, overweight, drug-addicted comedic actors who appear in multiple roles in crude humour movies, rappers making the transition into film, actors who play mentally disabled characters for awards attention, crazed producers, British theatre directors making their film debuts, novelists who are exposed as frauds, crazed agents, and many more. The film-within-a-film, the Vietnam war epic Tropic Thunder, which appears prominently in the first few scenes of the film, is also a clever and more subtle prod at war epics, featuring over-the-top gore, exaggerated pyrotechnics and every cliché in the book. These elements are no doubt the contribution of Justin Theroux to the screenplay. Theroux hasn’t actually written any screenplays before, but as an actor he often plays these kind of slyly, subtly comic characters, and it seems to fit his style. Then again, the film also contains a scene in which a character wrestles with a panda bear, eventually kills it and wears its skin, so the movie’s styles and levels of humour are evidently varied.

Most of the flat-out jokes in the film aren’t quite as funny as they could be, but the film benefits from an exquisite collective of comic genius at its core. Stiller himself, although playing the main character, plays him as the straightest arrow in the group and in the least exaggerated manner, and thus puts himself really aside the comic limelight and lets his co-stars take centre stage. Each one has his shining moment, including Jay Baruchel and Nick Nolte, and Jack Black in particular has two or three scenes that he just lets loose and gives it his all. But there’s no doubt about it that this is Robert Downey, Jr.’s show.

Downey, Jr. has, in the last couple of years of his comeback, shown superb acting virtuosity in both comedic (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, A Scanner Darkly) and dramatic (Fur, Zodiac) roles in indie films, but 2008 will certainly go down in history as the defining year for him, the year where at long last the talented but troubled actor has hit A-list status and has become a bona-fide movie star, bringing in the crowd. Showcasing lighter fare in Iron Man and comic genius in Tropic Thunder, one can only wonder how he will fare dramatically in Joe Wright’s The Soloist, out later this year. I have my fingers crossed for Downey, especially since he absolutely carried Tropic Thunder and delivered the funniest lead performance in a very bold feat of portraying a black man that worked off perfectly.

But with all due respect to Downey, Jr., even he is out-acted by the extended cameo role that totally steals the show. It took me quoting lines from Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia to my friends for them to realize that the actor portraying the hairy, bald, overweight film producer Les Grossman is none other than Tom Cruise. Off-screen persona aside, there’s no denying Cruise’s abilities in this movie. He is still one of the most talented, screen presence-commanding actors working today, and his show-stealing, profanity-laden performance in Tropic Thunder just further proves his ability at carrying a movie and stealing the show, even when he’s only in it for a few scenes. Downey, Jr. carried the film, but Cruise was the highlight of the experience for me.

There’s no tiptoeing around the fact that Tropic Thunder is a ridiculously stupid movie. But the fact that it’s so over-the-top shows that, naturally, it doesn’t take itself seriously. Combining clever lampooning of everything that signifies modern Hollywood with brilliant, all-cylinders-pumping comedic performances from the likes of Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr., Tropic Thunder places itself above your average ridiculously stupid comedy.

RATING: 7/10.

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Robert Downey, Jr. and his trailer at the beginning were the only funny things about this movie.
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I pissed my pants several times during the movie. HILARIOUS 8/10

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