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I never really was a fan of the "Transformers" animated series, so when I heard that they where making a movie, I thought it was going to be the dumbest film since "Dude, Where's My Car?". But, then I heard it was directed by Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg was the executive producer, and Shia Labeouf was the lead actor, it sounded a little more appealing. Then, they started releasing trailers, and this movie started looking more and more awsome. I went to see it, and I was pretty impressed. I was glad that they were able to take a crappy cartoon, and turn it into a decent action film.

First off, I liked that they used newer designs of cars for them to transform into. For instance, instead of Bumblebee being VW Beetle, he was a Camaro. Also I liked how realistic they made the transformers look.

This film also had great acting. Like I said on my "Disturbia" review Shia Labeouf has grown up with his acting skills, and is now a very talented actor. He is the one who brings the autobots to life in this film, because of the way he reacts to nothing.

But, there were some things that dissapointed, or somewhat annoyed me in this film. I guess the main thing is how the transformers talk. This is especially in the climax of the film, because when they would fight each other, they would use stupid puns like: "You, want a piece of me?" "No, I want two pieces!".

But this film does deliver, and is great, some stupid lines aside. It is a great action flick, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Hopefully the sequel at least matches what this one accomplished, or is even better.

Overall I give it 4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars.
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In contrast to you, Shia LaBeouf made me think "wow who els can they cast to fuck this up?" Luckily they got Tyrese Gibson and Megan Fox to fill the gap (internet sarcasm, sorry).
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I see Transformer get a lot of hate, critically but I thought it was dope movie.

I'm not a Michael Bay fan pursae, and IMO Transformers is his best effort. Very entertaining action flick. The cast was good for what it was, I wasn't upset with the choices.

And the last 45 mins of that film kicks major ass, fuck what anyone has to say.

I see part 2 being worse..... Hopefully I'm wrong cuz I dug the first installment..

B+ for me.
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At first, like most of the audience I'm sure, i was too enthralled with there being a Transformers movie to take an objective look at exactly how good (or bad) the movie actually was. Too busy was I with the 'OMG it's Megatron!' bollicks to see all the present flaws with the movie. Over a year has passed, and with it all the novelty of the awesomeness of the autobots and decepticons on the big screen.

I can officially say that there is more bad then good when it comes to the TF movie, even without the subtle inaccuracies that only the fanboys would notice. My main complaint is the lack of robots in what is supposed to be a movie about robots. To me it feels more like a comedy/spoof with robots in it. The movie could be about a 1/2 hour shorter without bullshit like the 'sam getting arrested' scene or the 'hackers in interrogation room' scene, neither of which accomplished anything but try to make people laugh...and fail miserably.

My other main complaint, in relation to that, is that there was way too much human interaction that was for the most part unnecessary. The only needed human activity that I saw needed was the Witwicky storyline, and the soldiers. The sector 7 guys were not necessary, and a total misuse of John Tutturo. The hackers, in addition to being extremely annoying, were TOTALLY unnecessary and just ate up screen time that could have easily been used to further develop the transformer storyline.

Which leads me to the last big complaint...very little storyline having to do with the actual robots until the last 1/4 of the movie. It all felt rushed to me, even for the 'origin movie' of the series. Optimus had like 20 mins of screentime...Megatron had less! But I had to listen to Anthony Anderson for a 1/2 hour?

All that said, I really am looking forward to the sequel now that all the storyline has been built up. Give me Sam, the soldiers, and the hot chick (no, not the australian one...) and more goddam robots. Maybe throw some personality into more robots then just bumblebee. All very fixable problems with a competent script. And if done right, TF2 will more then make up for the problems of its predecesor.

Rating: 2 1/2 of 5 Energon Cubes
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Complete and total garbage.

that is all...
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As a Transformes lover of the cartoon, I wish the story would have been very different. With that said, I did like what they gave me to watch. The best part of the whole movie is the part of how a call from the ground troops goes through the varied people of the army and air force and navy to send planes to shoot at the transformer in the beginning. The score was awesome. Prime was awesome. Megan Fox was awesome. This is just a great summer popcorn movie. All the characters were great in the spirt of Armadeggon, but the story was a bit weak. Overall, I love it and will watch it over an over. Thank you Michael Bay.


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The only good thing about Transformer's was hearing Smashing Pumpkin's Doomsday Clock over the end credits.
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Transformers FULL REVIEW

I saw this on opening weekend with a group of friends and was the outcast because of my unique thoughts about this extremely overrated debacle of a movie. Many concede that it was "great" and few lament that it was an injustice to the famed "Robots in Desguise". Well, I for one will not be afraid to say that this is a BAD movie. So, I'm going to say it: "This is a BAD movie." But I won't ask you to settle for that. here's why...

Here is my review. It's divided into 6 critique areas. It will contain no spoilers.

INTRO: A fast and furious montage of explosions that lets you know what the next 2 hours will consist of - action (and nothing else). You quickly realize that this film is void of a plot, character developement, and any real storytelling. It's simply about the effects. The entire rising action, better yet, the entire MOVIE is plagued with this attitude. I call it an "attitude" because this was done purposefully. And ironically, It has NO purpose. The fake characters you're introduced to, the CGI reels, and all the "fluff" have no point. The only purpose is to blow stuff up and make it look cool. But this isn't the worst of it...by far. Wait till you get a load of the other 60 mintues...

PLOT/PACING: A concievable "plot" does not exist in this film. The "story" is only a means to show off their CGI robots - you can call the story-line laughable to be nice about it. "But wait!", many have said. (and this is the only defense people can make for this film's incompetance). "Transformers isn't about the STORY. They didn't care about the plot, they just wanted to make an awesome ACTION/SUMMER flick". So, is this the excuse we give to writers to make crap, hire artists to draw their crap, then earn money on it? Well, I'm not buying it (no pun intended). If people continue to accept this, we will have many more bad movies to deal with in the future. All films will be written by people who've created worthless/meaningless stories and then surrounded them with animation. Contrary to pupular belief, it IS possible to show off your cool special effects AND tell a story. Iron Man, X-men 1, Spiderman 1 and 2, Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Star Wars 4, 5, and 6, Mission Impossible 1 and 3, Die Hard series, King Kong (and the list goes on). These were good movies with awesome action that told great stories. Transformers, on the other hand, is refuse.

ACTION: I bet you're thinking that this is where I'm going to give this movie some positive remarks. Well, you're wrong. As far as I'm concerned, the action in this movie was nothing I hadn't seen before. They blew stuff up and made Auto-Cad images fight each other. This is 2008, we see special effects in every movie that hits the big screen. Just because it's oversized robots this time, doesn't make it any different. And I'm sorry, but if you don't have a good story surrounding your fireworks sequences, I just don't care about it. Is there a reason for the fighting, explosions, or action? No. It's mindless. And so are these writers.

CHARACTERS: If I actually remembered the names of any of these people, I wouldn't deserve to review another movie ever again. The main character was a drunk-punch comedian, and the leading actress was a brainless beauty. Even though I didn't care for the Boy, he was the ONLY thing that added charisma to this film. He's just exploding with idiotic personality. But the Girl was dissapointing. You never understand her motives, affection for the Boy, or her actions. She was so underdeveloped and deprived of any depth of a real person, I thought she was going to burst (in pinata-like fashion) into a cloud of confetti. Now...the robots. They killed this movie. The MAIN attractions were idiots. I thought they from a world of superior technology and science. They were so Americanized, crude, inappropriate, and down right dumb, that it was just unbearably ridiculous. I'm sure the writers were going for comedy, but I wasn't laughing WITH them, I was laughing AT these morons. Optimus was the only one with half a brain but he was too busy supervising the other "adolescent Transformers". This is intended to appeal to kids, but If I was a kid, I would think these were the dumbest heros hollywood has ever tried to con me into liking. This even beats Robin from the 90's Batman films. And we all just LOVED him...

CONCLUSION: This so-called "great" ending was a feat of "revolutionary" computer engineering (sarcasm). The ENTIRE thing was CGI. I don't even think the PEOPLE were real. They probably stopped paying the actors halfway through the filming of the movie and let polygons/textures finish this thing. Ok, I know. You do have to draw the robots, but at least flip some REAL cars, blow some REAL explosives. I'm not saying it was cheesy, but nothing was completely convincing. Anyway, it all came down to Optimus VS Megatron. It was ok, I guess. I didn't really care about either one of them.

SYNOPSIS: Intended to be a summer/action flick, this movie delivers CGI and slapstic comedy. A true story and plot have been sacrificed in order to feed the masses special effects and "water-cooler moments". The characters weren't believable, came off underdeveloped, and annoying. The ending was a computer reel that played out with big explosions and rock music. Overall, this movie fails. A lack of story and logic brings this beloved cartoon adaptation way down. I give this movie a BAD rating.

It's safe to say you can pass this rental up. If you're ever forced to sit through a viewing, just be glad that it's free. A few of you may have liked it, I'm glad and very happy for you. That means your money didn't go to waste. I would have rather purchased 10 double cheeseburgers with mine.

More from eulian @ www.eulianthecritic.com

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I had a blast watching this movie . . . I was expecting a fun, exciting time at the movies and that's exactly what I got. The movie had great action scenes, funny moments, great special effects, and a lot of "popcorn value." The transforming sequences were especially spectacular and really well done. I thought Shia Lebeouf was a charismatic lead and did a good job of keeping everything connected, from his friendship to Bumblebee, his "interest" in Megan Fox, and why his character was involved in the movie overall. I'm not Michael Bay's biggest fan, but I think he definitely has a unique, yet maybe cliched, style to movies, but his movies are a lot of fun and stylish, and this is no exception.

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I enjoyed the movie as a rollercoaster ride and it is WAY better than any of the Spider Man movies.

Michael Bay took a hokey sounding concept from an animated series and made it look realistic. That is what I like about the movie. The actors performed with what they had, but John Tuturro overacted a bit as the governmnet agent. The FX really steal the show and they blend in with most of the enviroment. It looks believeable and I was suprised Transformers did not win the Visual Effects Oscar.

A definite 8 out of 10. It is not Hard Boiled, but it is way better than Spider-Man and Lord of The Rings.
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I fell asleep 10 minutes into it and just decided to trade it to a friend for The Professional.
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