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speed racer

Review by Michael Jaffe

They donít get it. I donít think anyone does. Established film critics everywhere just donít know what they are talking about. SPEED RACER was perfect. It was everything that the filmmakers set out to make. A fitting tribute to the original anime, the Wachowski brothers created a big budget cartoon that no one seemed to understand because there are real actors present. I have heard people call it stupid and childish as if thatís a bad thing. The creators of the heavy handed MATRIX trilogy and the brilliant film noir, mystery BOUND decided to have fun with their work and it shows in how something they obviously love, the old show, was able to retain the magic of what made the show great.
But, as there always is a but with these things, there are problems. Its not the Wachowskiís fault that SPEED struggles to maintain an even pace for the entire 135 minute runtime. The show was short and skipped a lot of heavy-handed dialogue because any that existed was laughably dubbed into English. The action was what mattered and it is the same in the film, except that the actors speak English so you couldnít laugh as the corny, message heavy dialogue was delivered. Thank god the cast is very talented actors obviously having fun with being cartoon characters. Chim chim is a real monkey to by the way.
I really donít have much more to say about the film as there really isnít a whole lot there. The story drags a bit but the visuals during the chase scenes are brighter and better looking that anything that I can recall ever seeing on screen. They didnít make me catch my breath, they just made me smile and enjoy the experience of seeing the bright colors and explosions. So what if the characters arenít developed very well or the story isnít very engaging? If you went into SPEED RACER expecting those things to be stellar, than youíre just ignorant. Sorry to say it, but if you try to outsmart this film and actually think, then sure, you will see that it is no GONE WITH THE WIND. But if BEN-HUR could win an Oscar for its visuals, I think SPEED deserves a shot of being accepted by the public for being a fun film that kept me wanting more for the entire film. Go speed, go. 7.5/10
I cant really end this review with that line. Shit. How about the line pops says after his fight. ďNinja? More like a nanja.Ē If you laugh at that line, not for its quick wit, but for being ridiculously stupid and goofy, then this is a film you will enjoy.
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Speed Racer

My review: (Originally posted HERE)

Speed Racer (3/4 Stars)

Short Review: Mario Kart meets Death Race 2000

Speed Racer, directed by the Wachowski brothers, is a visually stunning adaptation of the cartoon of the same name. The story follows the career of Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch), a young man who lives for the thrill of the race. Heís a natural at what he does and quickly attracts the attention a major corporation that wants to bank on his increasing talent.

The Wachowskiís donít hesitate with the special effects in this film; they go all out, and I think this was a wise decision. I havenít seen the original Speed Racer, but from what I hear it was an anime. With that in mind, the adaptation is the closest Iíve ever seen to a live-action anime. If they had tried to make it look realistic, I donít think it would have worked at all; it would have come out looking horribly fake, rather than vibrant and in itís own world.

I loved the visual transitions that were used throughout the film as well. They were very unique and didnít cramp the pacing at all for me. You have to see it to believe it.

The story was pretty straightforward, which was expected, and had some great parallels between similar character arcs. The scenes with Spritle and the chimp seemed out of place at times and tossed in for a few quick laughs before jumping back to the story again. I thought those could have been either cut in places or trimmed down.

All in all, Speed Racer was a lot of fun. Itís definitely style over substance, but man is the style good.
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Speed Racer (Wachowskis, 2008):

"Stop steering. Start driving."

I went to an afternoon matinťe showing to fit around my schedule, and while there were only a few people there, we were all laughing along and people were cheering and whooping. And I left the cinema with a grin the size of a crescent moon plastered on my face. The Brothers seem to have delivered a real crowd-pleasing extravaganza of a film.

The racing scenes were bleeding spectacular. I mean "spectacular" in a way that has never even been imagined. Honestly, it deserves an Oscar nod just for art design. What's so ingenious about the opening sequence is that it not only sets up all the characters with entertaining and emotional efficiency, but it also establishes how the cars work in this fantasy world. So despite the races being faster than anything you're ever likely to see, the main action beats are always delivered with a clarity and a style that will keep you thrilled beyond belief. Each race is perfectly crafted with the stakes and the challenges rising further and further with each successive scene...until we reach a final showdown that leaves you utterly breathless. Literally. And the "visual vocabulary" of the film is truly innovative. It's like the camera is no object. As an audience member, you've never felt freer. Unlike the stylistic approach of the recent Star Wars prequels, which generally used locked off cameras and relatively tame tracking shots, Speed Racer ducks into, under and around the action in a way that opens up the medium like no other film before it. Compared to other film in its greenscreen sub-genre, this leaves movies like Sin City and 300 looking rather timid by comparison.

But at the heart of it, this is really a film about fathers and their sons. A coming of age story about hope, expectation, and the pain of loss. I found myself with a lump in my throat while watching the movie. Wait, let me rephrase. I found myself with a lump in my throat within ten minutes of the film starting. Emile Hirsch, John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Matthew Fox and Scott Porter as the young Rex Racer all provide intimate and genuinely moving performances. Make no mistake about it, this film is the definition of joviality on celluloid. But the story is basically driven by the shadow of a lost family member from the very first scene in the film, and that's what really makes the film worth watching. As well as being immersed in a fantasy world of drop dead gorgeous visuals, of course.

In the same way that Sin City was an exaggerated, impressionistic noir, and just as 300 was an exaggerated, impressionistic war movie, Speed Racer plays as an exaggerated, impressionistic 1960s kid's show. Which is exactly what it is. It's campy. It's fun, And it's full of humour and heart. Of course, brooding characters and over-the-top gore is easier to sell than camp, colourful fun, but allowing oneself to become absorbed in the film's style makes for a rewarding experience. I've heard complaints about the film's exposition, but the only scene where I could perhaps understand that criticism was about half way through when Taejo's family troubles were being told. But even that zipped by very quickly and the audience still understands exactly what was at stake in the upcoming race. So if it is a flaw, it's a minor one at best.

The characters are warm and lovable, the villains are wonderfully hissable, the actors' performances are all suitably camp, and the morality tale at the center of it - the battle of family versus corporatism - gives the story a real spirit. And makes the races all that more enthralling to watch. It's infectiously charming, and even at 129 minutes the film glides like a T-180 on ice. I was convinced I was only in there for about thirty minutes, and when it finished I was left gagging for more.

So what's the verdict? Well, it's a tricky decision between 4 and 5 stars. While the story wasn't exactly the peak of literary greatness, it was very well told. Despite its two hour plus running time, the narrative was sharp, the emotionality was touching, and the plot turns were genuinely exciting. If the film was not such a special effects extravaganza, it would probably have been given a 4 star rating. But the film does have incredible special effects. And it does offer an absolutely sublime spectacle. Not only that, but the Wachowskis seem to have yet again set another industry standard - one that will likely be copied and mimicked for years to come. Until the Brothers reinvent the wheel for a fourth time, that is. And as such, the rating for this film is for something that could easily end up becoming highly influential classic.

Bring on Speed Racer 2!

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No Need for Speed
An Analysis of Speed Racer and its Critical and Commercial Failure

An Addiction for Breaking the Limit:

"...I realized a lot of this negativism was sounding familiar to me. Too long. Too loud. Too overwhelming visually with lots of mindless sound and fury signifying nothing. And I realized where and when I had heard it all before:

Blade Runner.

Critics and fans leveled many of the same complaints at
Blade Runner, comparing it unfavorably to other then-popular SF films, and it was crushed at the box office by a powerhouse called E.T.. Blade Runner tanked.

Yet over time it was seen as visionary, and its stylings let an indelible impression on fans and future filmmakers. Any number of dramatic endeavors have the visual stamp of
Blade Runner upon them.

I think that's what's happened here. I think
Speed Racer, consistent for its title character, is ahead of the pack, and no one has realized it yet."
~ Peter David ~
(Novelist and Screenwriter)

The Wachowski Brothers are notorious for creating dark and daring 'R' rated works, such as the lesbian crime noir Bound, the literary cyberpunk epoch known as The Matrix Trilogy, and the screenplay to a controversial film about a super-terrorist who bombs London called V for Vendetta. So when news reached the wire that the Brothers were preparing to adapt an overtly cheesy and colourful Japanese kids' cartoon from the '60s, most didn't seem to know how to react. As the production photos came through, this indecisiveness began to manifest itself as outright divisiveness. And by the time the first trailers were released, most people had assorted themselves into one of two camps - love or hate - with the remaining masses voicing varying degrees of indifference.

No doubt, part of the love/hate dynamic was determined by those peoples' views of the latter two Matrix films, both of which are generally considered to be inferior to the original. It's quite possible that the taste left by those films lead some to hate the prospect of Speed Racer even more than they might have done if other filmmakers had been involved. But the reasons for some peoples' dislike of the film from such an early stage probably has more to do with mere dislike of the filmmakers' back catalogue. A lot of the negativity perhaps had something to do with peoples' attitudes toward the type of film being presented. With the advent of George Lucas' CGI-heavy Star Wars prequel trilogy, it's likely that people were less than enthusiastic about another colourful CGI film. Of course, this didn't seem to be a problem with films like 300 or Sin City...which brings us onto the next point. The film's tone. 300 and Sin City were dark, brooding and bloody. Popular traits in movies these days. Yet Speed Racer was looking to be none of the above. Instead, producer Joel Silver explained that the Wachowskis were aiming for the type of optimistic tonality not seen in Hollywood since Frank Capra in the 1950s, and they also drew on the optimism and sincerity of Japanese animť like Hayao Miyazaki’s The Castle of Cagliostro. In a time when cynicism manages to find its way into even the lightest of family fare, making such a dramatic U-turn and bucking the trend was no doubt a substantial risk. But then, it wouldn't be the first time the Wachowskis had spent millions on a gamble to challenge the Hollywood status quo. If anyone could do it, it was them.

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No Go at the Box Office:

There's a scene in Speed Racer when the evil tycoon Royaltan, played quite superbly by Roger Allam, threatens the titular character that the consequences for not signing his corporate contract would be that "no matter how well you drive, you won't win, you won't place, I guarantee you right now...you won't even finish the race". And it seems that the film is also suffering for sticking to its guns.

By the time pre-release tracking for Speed Racer hit its stride in the weeks before the film's May 9th release date, the figures were already looking down. And on May 9th, Speed Racer - supposedly one of Warner Brothers' two biggest tent pole releases of the Summer (the other one being The Dark Knight) - crashed spectacularly with a shocking $18.6 million box office. Even the Cameron Diaz / Ashton Kutcher vehicle What Happens in Vegas managed to breach the $20 million mark. Iron Man had soared to a mighty $98.6 million opening on the previous weekend, and would continue to dominate on Speed Racer's opening weekend, taking an additional $51.1 million in the process.

Iron Man was now the main contender, and it had all the momentum it needed for the weeks ahead. Though nowhere near as bad as Speed Racer, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - the sequel to the monumentally successful 2005 original - was tempered with its own underwhelming opening take of $55 million. And then the last May giant, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull roared into the month's final week to the tune of over $100 million.

Now in its third week, Speed Racer couldn't even manage a measly $4 million.

Current estimates peg Speed Racer's domestic gross at $41.1 million.

So what went so badly wrong?

The answer: everything.

It rubbed critics up the wrong way. Its marketing campaign was confused and ineffective (mental note: don't use hardcore techno music on trailers for family films). It was a relatively unknown property and its stars weren't as big as, say, Ahston Kutcher or Cameron Diaz. And it was going up against a sea of giants like Iron Man, Narnia and Indiana Jones.

Of all these factors, perhaps the most intriguing were the critical reviews. While a solitary few granted Speed Racer prestigious 4 and 5 star ratings, most reviewers were either apathetic or completely scathing of the final product. Rotten Tomatoes T-Meter is now set at 35%. Metacritic is at 37%. Joe Morgenstern of 'The Wall Street Journal' described the film as "a nightmare vision of children's entertainment" that employs "overstimulation as an organising principle". Kyle Smith of the 'New York Post' thought it was "basically a video game fed by hyperactivity instead of interactivity". And Ann Hornaday of the 'Washington Post' simply feels that "after they've passed the two-hour mark, viewers will share the same collective, if unspoken, wish: Go, Speed Racer. Go". With reviews like these piling up in reputable news outlets around the country, it's little surprise that the few people who were actually aware of the film (I've met a number of people who still haven't even heard of Speed Racer) decided to stay away.

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A Light at the End of the Tunnel:

While this may all seem like obvious doom and gloom, and the studio will no doubt be feeling the pinch for months to come, the film has actually stacked up some impressive statistics. A Cinema Score test screening, which was comprised of diverse demographics, scored a high A-. The Rotten Tomatoes community T-Meter stands at 77%, in spite of systemic abuse by arbitrary haters who collectively hit the "rotten" rating en masse before the film was even released. Similar abuse was seen at the user rating system on IMDB, which nonetheless stands at 6.6/10, with a median average of 8/10. Yahoo Movies stands at a positive B-, and the user rating at Metacritic is at a lofty 8/10.

This chasm between critical and audience reception is telling. Audiences who actually saw the film seemed to have generally favourable views towards it.

And the dissent against Speed Racer's critical consensus doesn't stop there. Industry insiders and prolific personalities are even being compelled to pitch in to the Speed Racer debate. Famed novelist and comic book writer Peter David draws parallels between the vitriolic critical reception of Speed Racer and the seminal science fiction classic Blade Runner, maintaining that many of the same complaints levelled at Speed Racer bare a striking resemblance to those directed towards the now-loved classic, in spite of the fact that both films challenged the Hollywood standard of production design and the conventional understanding of cinematic visuals. He thinks that "Speed Racer may crash, but like a first rate car, it's going to be cannibalized for its parts". Glenn Kenny of 'Premiere' magazine compares the visual and emotional intensity of the film's final moments to Kubrick's masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey, maintaining he "half–expected that the movie would end with Speed metamorphosed into a giant wide-eyed baby, hovering in space above the earth". And 'Time' magazine's Richard Corliss described the film by lifting a quotation from it, concluding that Speed Racer is "inspiring, and beautiful, and everything art should be".

So despite all the negativity, the generally poor critical reception, and the dismal box office turn out, it would appear that Speed Racer is in possession of some redemptive features. In fact, one might even argue that it is in possession of some potentially revolutionary features. I happen to sympathise with that view. I think that Speed Racer, like every Wachowski Brothers film ever made, takes real and tangible risks. Risks that may not always pay off at the box office, but have the potential to become the medium's defining classics in years to come.

Could it be that Speed Racer has only just left the starting block?

Special thanks to Bourne101.
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Thank you Thank you Thank you Max314!

I'm still of the very stubborn belief that you are an ignorant fool if you can't recognize the brilliance of this film.
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Originally Posted by Jesse Barnes View Post
I'm still of the very stubborn belief that you are an ignorant fool if you can't recognize the brilliance of this film.
Let's see where that gets you.
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Originally Posted by Bourne101 View Post
Let's see where that gets you.
Hahaha, wow. You're so right. What a bad career decision it's been. Stocks have been dropping. The faith of my clientele has been on a steady decline. What was I thinking?! A doctorate in business and marketing all for naught. It's a good thing I joined the boards when I did or else I would have missed out on snide corporate advice that's bound to save my future in business.

Phew, thanks!!!
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Your very welcome. You'd hate to hear what happened to the rest of those who deemed those that didn't like Speed Racer ignorant.
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Originally Posted by Bourne101 View Post
Your very welcome. You'd hate to hear what happened to the rest of those who deemed those that didn't like Speed Racer ignorant.
Ooh...it's chilly out here. Is that the cold breeze of bone chilling camp fire stories you're about to share regarding the whereabouts of lost ancients driven away by the terrible monsters Speed Racer haters unleashed upon them?

Cuddled up in blanket? Check. Marshmallows? Check. Oh, wait! Before you tell me what happened, could you pass the graham crackers and chocolate?
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I expect they probably disappeared up their own arse, along with other people who make blanket statements based on whether or not people like a particular movie.
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Originally Posted by Bourne101 View Post
Your very welcome. You'd hate to hear what happened to the rest of those who deemed those that didn't like Speed Racer ignorant.

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Originally Posted by jeemer View Post
I expect they probably disappeared up their own arse, along with other people who make blanket statements based on whether or not people like a particular movie.
There is a difference between LIKING art and RECOGNIZING it. They never have to be one in the same. While I dislike a lot of things, I still recognize what makes them beautiful to others who find the brilliance in them. Everyone doesn't have to enjoy Speed Racer, but it's damn near a masterpiece in film making whether you like it or not.
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Hahahahhahahaha. Speed Racer blows.
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Holy cow this was a fun movie! I was afraid that after watching all the multiple trailers and clips, reading quite a few spoilers of the plot and hearing all the negative reviews that I would be turned off by the actual film (walking in with fairly high expectations is never a good thing either) but I really had blast with this film.

Of course the visual style has been discussed ad naseum, but it really is a unique and thrilling experience. A live-action cartoon world that seamlessly blends 2-D and 3-D. I've seen the Speed Racer cartoon a few times (kinda lame but strangely entertaining at parts, albeit cheesy) and this remains quite faithful to it while removing most of the cringe-inducing parts (with the exception of a number of Spritle/Chim-Chim moments--although I must admit they weren't as bad as I thought they would be.) I was also quite a bit surprised that there were a few emotional bits speckled in here and there and, for this particular genre, the performances were great (intentionally stiff and cheesy at times to mimic the campy cartoon.)

Dizzying, eye-gasmic, fast and just a spectacular cinematic experience, I recommend this to people with an open mind. VERY trippy and colorful with just the right amount of humor and family moments. From insanely fast racecar sequences to ninja fights to monkey poo, Speed Racer is the perfect summer movie.
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Originally Posted by Jesse Barnes View Post
There is a difference between LIKING art and RECOGNIZING it.
I'm quite aware of that, there's also a difference between recognising art and "recognising the brilliance of a film"

Originally Posted by Jesse Barnes View Post
you are an ignorant fool if you can't recognize the brilliance of this film.
To me that reads as "you are an ignorant fool if you can't recognise that this film is brilliant" not "recognise this film was made as a piece of art when you see it"

I would've thought your doctorate in business and marketing would have helped you word things more clearly, but you just came off as very arsey and aloof.

Only reason I responded was because I hate seeing people come off as holier than thou on fucking movie forums, making the subject about you and bringing up a supposed doctorate in a discussion about a supposedly fun, family movie shows some serious need for recognition. Completely unnecessary.
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HAHAHAHAHaHAHhAhaHha...Rolling on Floor Laughing Over Here! You should see me right now -- tipping chairs over and crying.

Very trite, buddy. I don't have a doctorate in anything. It's called sarcaZm, man.

Thanks for your inquiry,


P.S. As long as we're bringing up technicalities, nice run-on sentences, by the way. It's ok, I too only responded because I have to defend myself with the false pretense that my feeding a flame is justified and my dignity remains intact.

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*This review was originally written on the night of the theatrical release. Material may be time sensitive. All reviews are considered satirical. Potentially offensive material is NEVER meant to be taken seriously.

Speed Racer Review

Speed Racer might be the only film in history that hit every single mark of my enormously bloated expectations. This film, I can say without flinching an eye, is the most exhilarating pinata explosion of candy coated fun in the history of cinema. In other words; this is the funnest film ever made.

Upon the very opening second of Speed Racer, this film sets the over-the-top 60's cartoon feel with no reserve. Costume design, art direction, animation, makeup, set design etc. all ignite your eyes in a brilliant moving array that never lets up even when the credits are rolling.

The CG and green screen effects are used very specifically to conjure a 2 dimensional old-school children's show effect that does the original feel of the series justice. Speaking of digging into it's roots; even the acting and writing seem lifted from the same scripts that gave the characters life almost half a century ago.

Every race is a face pummeling of seizure inducing fireworks and impossible automobile martial arts that gets your heart thumping erratically. We don't have a word that quite describes what exactly the experience is like. "Intense" seems so small and weak in comparison. The races aren't just action spectacles that put the plot behind the after burner. The editing keeps the story of evil corporate head butting riding along at the same pace as everything else that's thrown at you.

I'm appalled at how torn the critics and viewers alike are. I got home to check out how much everyone is raving about how mind blowing Speed Racer was. But to my flabbergasted surprise, people actually hated this movie. HATED IT. I'm just going to say it. Anyone who hates this movie should be murdered. You all should be herded into a giant white room, stripped naked and gassed. Then, the doors will be opened, just when you've accepted your fate, you all start running out like sad little dying puppies. When you finally get outside, you are tasered and beaten by cops in neon pink and green outfits as the solo from Freebird plays. Just before the song ends someone in a Mach 5 runs over all your heads.

Score: 9 / 10

Last edited by Jesse Barnes; 06-23-2008 at 07:30 PM..
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Old 06-23-2008, 07:47 PM
Great. Another one.

I enjoyed the movie; the racing sequences were brilliant, the story wasn't half bad, and it was a good, fun, summer movie. But I do agree with the opinion that it is style over substance. The characters aren't anything special, some are annoying (the kid and his monkey).

Right now, the movie is recognized as a failure - box office-wise. It's long term impact remains to be seen.

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Originally Posted by Jesse Barnes View Post
It's called sarcaZm, man.
Sorry it's hard to detect sarcasm over text on the internet, particularly when the person posting it is so blatantly up himself. Have fun.
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Old 10-31-2008, 10:09 AM
Thanks Guys!

I'm really glad to see some positive reviews for the film here. Whenever I've recommended it to people, I alway say, "I'm one of the few who will tell you that it's actually a good movie." Speed Racer is great entertainment no matter how you look at it. It is, basically, the first live action anime, much moreso than the Matrix. I don't get the criticism that it's "uneven". To me, it was perfectly linear and easy to follow. The acting is purposely over-the-top because, well, it's a cartoon. But even so this is the best cast the Wachowskis have assembled: John Goodman (always great, even if the film he's in suck at times), Susan Serandon (a joy as always), Matthew Fox (perfect casting for Racer X, he's never been more badass), and so and so on. It was nice to see the Bros take a break from heavy-message movies and just have fun. That's all this movie is: fun from start to finish. My only real complaint is that after a while I wanted to punt Spritle across the track to give Chim-Chim more screen time. I had a feeling early on that Speed would be a failure financially. It's more of a cult following for anime fans than the other franchises this summer. The concept is too bizarre even for Wachowski fans after so many dark-themed movies from them. But I understood what they were going for, and I loved every minute of it.
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Old 10-31-2008, 06:59 PM
I loved Speed Racer. Its one hell of a entertaining trip. The visuals are incredible and the family dynamic is suprisingly well handled. Sprittle got a bit to annoying at times but other than that Speed Racer was a real delight. I felt good after watching this movie. Theres nothing wrong with feeling good after a film. A blast from start to finish.

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Old 11-07-2008, 01:41 PM
I've read every post, and it's amazing how much people are at each other's throats about this movie.

I'm not going to defend this movie with THIS argument:
It was a "fun" film and shouldn't be taken "seriously." People who hated it are just being too "hard" on it and should "lighten up."

People defend Transformers with the exact same argument and I think it's a load of crap. Transformers STUNK, and not because people took it too seriously. It was BAD cinema.

It may sound like I didn't like Speed Racer, but I loved it. BUT, I'm not going to say I loved it because I wasn't looking for or desiring great cinema. I WAS, in fact, expecting and wanting to see a good movie, and THAT is what Speed Racer delivered.

A movie is not good because of what you EXPECT. a movie is good regardless. (and you should NEVER go into a movie with lowered standards).
Going in and expecting trash is the reason that garbage continues to be released and accepted today (Transformers).

Anyway, I was never a fan of the cartoon. (I've barely even seen it). And I know nothing of Speed Racer's history. Also, my friends think I have an overly critical view of film. But I left out of Speed Racer completely blown away and amazed. I've never seen anything like it before and I LOVED the story. People keep saying that the story isn't the best, but I think it was very good. The villain was great and when Speed finds out that the industry he loves and lives for is corrupt, you have to feel what the guy is going through.

That's like telling you that Elway's last drive was fixed. Or when MJ hit that that last second shot to win on the road, it was because the defense let him do it. Or what if someone said that the Lakers just LET the Celtics win? (we know that's impossible anyway).

But my point is, Speed was good because it was GOOD. NOT because everyone that liked wasn't taking it seriously.

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Old 11-07-2008, 11:04 PM
An extremely fun and entertaining family flick with amazing visuals, terrific action and fun performances especially by Emile Hirsch and the totally badass Mathew Fox. Speed Racer is, for sure, one of the 2008's most underrated gems as far as I'm concerned.

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Old 11-08-2008, 06:20 AM
I still it's a great film , there is always something to admire and entertain you . The racing scenes are spectacular , it's visual splendor like iv'e never seen before .

I simply don't know what some people were expecting with this film , it's exactly as advertised , if anything it was better than i thought it would be . Even though the visuals dominate the proceedings , there is an excellent story about family dynamics to be had . It's funny , it's mesmerizing , it's heartwarming , silly , i highly recommend this film . I also loved the two fight scenes , it was Anime come to life . The second fight that takes place somewhere in the mountains is about as close as you will get to live action Anime , there is a bit of Cutie Honey on display in that sequence .

Take a chance if you don't mind something that doesn't take itself too seriously , you just may find yourself having some fun in spite of yourself .

My biggest problem is the Blu Ray , it features the same soundtrack as the standard dvd , this things needs to be given the genuine high def treatment .
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