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Clive Barker's "Imajica"

Originally released in two volumes ("The Fifth Dominion" and "The Reconciliation"), "Imajica" is a fantasy behemoth and what Barker considers to be his best book.

I just started reading this book a couple of weeks ago, reading it slowly because I find ridiculous enjoyment in the prose. But I wanted to make this thread to see some opinions from the schmoes who have read it. It's weird I hadn't heard anything of this book (which apparently was also a bestseller?) until someone reccomended it. What do you guys who have read it think about it?

It's the book I've enjoyed reading the most in my entire life. And I'm only 200 pages in (out of like 800). It's just starting and I want to take my time and enjoy it as much as it's physically possible. Barker is a genius wordsmith, a fantastic storyteller and a pro at the dreamy and ethreal. He has a knack for making even the most ridiculous absolutely brilliant (kinda like King, but far more poetic).

Fucking brilliant book. I can't wait to . . . actually finish it to have an educated opinion.
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That's pretty cool you found a book you like so much.

While I am quite the fan of his writing style, IMAJICA was something that I had to attempt 4 times before I finished. The first 2 times, I only got to about page 250. The third time I was around page 450.

I wanted to finish it, though, so later on I picked it up again and suffered through the rest.

I read WEAVEWORLD three times, though. I also enjoyed THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW, NEVERWHERE and EVERVILLE. Although it's been many years since I read those.
Also read short stories and stuff, such as CABAL, THE HELLBOUND HEART, etc...
Wasn't too fond of GALILEE, either.

I really really liked THE THIEF OF ALWAYS. It's too bad the animated feature that was to be made back in 1990 never got completed.

He has a good way with words.
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Originally Posted by KcMsterpce View Post
That's pretty cool you found a book you like so much.

While I am quite the fan of his writing style, IMAJICA was something that I had to attempt 4 times before I finished. The first 2 times, I only got to about page 250. The third time I was around page 450.

I wanted to finish it, though, so later on I picked it up again and suffered through the rest.
Poo. Any particular reason it didn't really grab your attention?

Oddly enough, it had me immediately. Literally, after the writing lesson in the first paragraph about Pluthero Quexos, I was thinking "holy shit, this is good." but then the plot is also stupidly up my alley.

I have to mention that this is, actually, my first brush with Barker in literature. I bought "The Hellbound Heart" to be read later. I was also reccomended to read "Galilee", which I definitely will, as most everything I can find by Barker. But that's a long way from now, since I have two 12-book series before anything else. I only halted those to read "Imajica".

. . . what a purdy word. Same for "Weaveworld".
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I just.... wasn't going for IMAJICA, and I can't recall why any more. I remember there being a lot of cool elements, such as the bi-sexual shape-changer, and an imaginative world with fascinating creatures, as well as a unique way of using "magic".

I remember getting bored every time I tried getting through it. But because I had read so much of Barker's stuff in the past, I vowed to finish it (having liked his other stuff).
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IMAJICA is most kickass in my opinion, I swallowed it whole one summer during a week's vacation from work. I'm dying for Barker to some sort of mini-series with it.
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I have read The Books Of Blood,Weaveworld,Thief Of Always,and I'm halfway thru The Damnation Game,and Gaililee is waiting for me on my book shelf.(Correction:I have one final story left in the third book of blood to read.)

What was the plot to Imajica?I've always seen it around the internet,but never saw it in a store or anywhere with a synopsis.(Then again I never checked Amazon,they'd probly have it.)
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Hard to explain.

A ladies' man art forger by the name of Gentle embarks on a quest with an assassin called Pie 'Oh' Pah across the Dominions -parallel dimensions and worlds to our own.

That's the most basic take on it, but the plot is insanely complex, with a cast of many, many characters. It's a giant novel, and one that's taking me eons to finish, but I'm very, very close to finishing it; it's gotten so much better as it continues. Damn.
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I read for five hours straight last night to finish the last 150 pages of this book (I'm not that slow a reader, there are a shitload of words per page btw kthx).

The ending was extremely satisfying even if entirely bittersweet; still, I really liked how it ended for the surviving characters (what few there were). It also had some of the most fucked up imagery (City of God, anyone? That was disgusting) as well as some of the most beautiful (gotta love the water Temple's goddess).

Yes, my favorite book fo' sho'. I hope many others get to read this masterpiece.
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I just finished Books Of Blood 1-3,and Damnation Game.So now I'm out to find this!
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Couldnt find Book One anywhere,thus I openned my just purchassed copy of Reconcilliation weary that I'll find meself dumfounded.Fortunately,being 51 pages in,I understand the most of it,lovin it as of now!
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. . . no, no.


You just spoiled the cool twists for yourself. The second book is by far better than the first, but it's a terrible mistake to read it. Remember it isn't a series, it was just divided because it was too long originally.
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Too late now,
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Since I already began the second,I stuck to it and finished it.The final day I was reading it,I read over 300 pages!I've never read that much in one day in my life before!!!

I have to say that X-Nightcrawler was right on pretty much everything he said about the book and I will definitely be checking out the original entry also.

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Well, it's great to know that you loved it, even if you read half a book.

Remember Book 1 is half the book. They weren't meant to be read separately. And "The Fifth Dominion" is insanely slow when compared to "The Reconciliation". But I'm sure you'll find more depth to what you already read after finishing up the first part. It is surely a phenomenal story.

Wasn't the showdown in the First Dominion awesome/disgusting?
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Yea,I'd go more in-depth w/t my opinions on it,but wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone.However I will say that nobody (To my meager knowledge)has ever written about a villian quite like this.And did you think that the whole women-are-better-than-men thing kind of shoved in our faces near the end?Just a minor complaint,but still...
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It's feminist fantasy in a way. Clive Barker wanted it that way. For most of the novel, women are shown as strong, intelligent being while men are slobbering morons or agents of evil. I did like how it was handled, if a little obvious, but then there was little I didn't like about "Imajica". I just didn't think it hindered the novel in any way. Seems like everything was playing out together just right.
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I get that,and have no problem w/t it,I'm writing a feminist fantasy about the founding of America at the time,but there were a few pages where he just seemed to yell it out a little too loud imo.And no I didn't think it hinderred the book either,but there's a guy on Amazon that would disagree w/t both of us.He gave the book 1/5 stars for that sole reason,what a prick!
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Guess what I got in the mail last night!!? Imajica, the complete novel! I'm starting it right after this post!
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