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The Spirit

When you see the name Frank Miller you instantly think of Sin City or the Dark Knight Returns or 300 or whatever! But I don't think of The Spirit. Now for those who don't know the Spirit was a (i'm pretty sure) comic strip by Will Eisner, and it was pretty goofy and comical and whatnot. So Frank Miller watched "his" film Sin City directed by the legendery Robert Rodriguez and said "fuck it! I can do it!" Now watching this movie, I was wishing I was Marty McFly, so I could go back in time and the second Frank Miller thought about making this movie because he was inspired by Sin City, I slap the shit out of him. This is in every words whats wrong with graphic novel writers thinking they can make a film.

Now before going into this your gonna watch the trailer and your gonna be saying "wow that looks cool!" Throughout this entire film, I was laughing at how bad the dialogue was, and how stupid the characters were. I won't even explain the plot to you because its so conviluted! There was only three things about the film I liked.
1. How it looked
2. Scarlett Johannson (looking fucking hot as ever!!)
3. The cats
There are so many random fucking cats throughout this movie. There's a a scene where the spirit, a police officer that yells when she talks, and a police cheif or something go into an elevator and you can see the staircase going up, and out of nowhere, theres a fucking cat in the middle of the stair well! Now-a-days it seems like Samuel Jackson is taking any role that is offered to him. The role is 99% not fitted for him. This is just like how they fucked up but putting Tom Cruise as the main character in Valkyrie. Throughout the film, they're pretty much just making up the story. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, theres a scene where Samuel and Scarlett have the Spirit all tied up and they're both dressed for nazi's FOR NO FUCKING REASON! This review is short because you know how I feel about the movie. If you catch this in the $3 bin at Big Lots, you might as well get it for shits and giggles. But if you pay more than $3 like I did, your just gonna be wasting your time. Now your gonna read this review and say "no! What are you talking about?! This looks amazing!" Well, just don't be surprised if your offended that you even had to sit through that. Just because the way it looks is pretty neat, it doesn't matter.

I'm giving this a Some ol' Bull Shit!

Some ol' Bull Shit - *
Rental - **
Matinee - ***
Full Price! - ****
Better Than Sex! - *****
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