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After "Superman Returns" I had lost a lot of faith in director Bryan Singer. It was so underwhelming to watch that pile of crap unravel after "X2" and all of its beauty. BUT I am glad to say that some of that faith has been restored after "Valkyrie."

It's great going into a theater with low expectations; it gives the viewer a chance to be quite surprised. It’s hard to look positive toward this movie after all the bad talk that it had been getting with the slur of release dates and all. But what they fixed, they fixed and the overall product was a good film.

The movie starts with General Stauffenberg (Cruise) and how he became the man with the eye-patch and one hand. It's an explosive first scene which looks like the majority of the budget went into. Given the opening date of December 25 and the audience's mood of seeing a story of Adolf Hitler on this day, someone might be regretting that scene. It's not really necessary to the story, it's just shows how Stauffenberg transformed into the man who wanted to later help assassinate Hitler.

The rest of the movie is formulamatic: the rounding up of members to help in the assassination, making a plan, trying to execute it, and either failing or succeeding. With the history you hopefully learned in school, you should figure the outcome.

Few movies can work with just talk. Hence, the opening action scene was probably seen as a must so people can get their attention focused on the movie from the start. Because after that scene, the average American might find this movie dull.

Yet, it was the way that Singer shot it, the eerie WWII Germany scenes, the love the General had for his family and the mere presence of Hitler that kept the audience gripped to their seats.

The acting was formidable. No Oscar performances anywhere, but Tom Wilkinson was a delight to see on screen. Accept the fact that the Germans are talking English and not German. (Also, all writing is German) You need to accept that FAST. The movie isn't Oscar-worthy itself, but it does continue to propel Tom Cruise in the right direction.

You know the outcome of this movie. Yet, you will oddly question yourself throughout. You want to cheer, but know there is no point. You know how it is going to end, but HOW does it end..?


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Heh, pretty sure it's "formulaic"...
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WOW, damn good! Cruise was great. I enjoy movies like this because you get to learn some history as well. One of the better suspense movies I have seen in a while. Also, one of the better acting jobs for Hitler (played by David Bamber). Not a real good Christmas movie BUT a thriller without question. I give this movie an 8.5 Ken
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