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Is The Spirit really that bad?

I haven't seen a lot of "fan" reviews of it and I can't trust what I read on Yahoo reviews. Honestly, I'm considering either seeing it before 5pm and want to know if it's not even worth a matinee showing (which here is about $6.50). I haven't seen an honest review from an average person beyond, "It sucked" or "Lame" or some other b.s. comment that doesn't tell me WHY I won't like the movie.

To give you and idea of who I am as a movie goer:
Last good movie I saw: Frost/Nixon, Let the Right One In
Last bad movie I saw: Yes Man
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i thought it was bad. just a bunch of one-tracked characters, no emotional or any character development to be found, it was overly cartoonish, with senseless slapstick comedy involved i guess to try and make it more interesting. it was all style, thats it. if Sin City had had no plot, and only 5 characters, and only one protagonist and one antagonist, it would have been the Spirit. Plus the performances are odd. Scarlett didnt really fit her role at all, and Macht played the Spirit like a schizo.

i dont think it was ever boring, entertaining overall, but it just wasnt a GOOD movie.
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I haven't seen it, mainly for the sole purpose that it got such bad reviews. Beyond that, I couldn't say. You could always check it out, hate it, then write a raving-mad review on here to warn others of it's badness.
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The film is artistically gorgeous, but that's not enough to hide its one dimensional characters and confusing storyline. Frank Miller obviously doesn't know how to get Sin City out of his mind and its clearing a reoccurring problem throughout the film. I wouldn't waste your money unless you wanna join the masses that hate this film.
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I posted a review for the Spirit explaining how fucking god awful it was, if you wanna check that out its there.
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Originally Posted by rockybalboa782 View Post
I posted a review for the Spirit explaining how fucking god awful it was, if you wanna check that out its there.
Checked out your review and laughed a little. So then it's really just pointless? I don't know... I'll be honest, the visuals look good and the last movie I rented as Factory Girl, which I only rented because I was in a cabin and didn't know there would be a DVD player. So if I never see it in the theater the odds are good I'll never see it. That's a shame. I was looking for someone to tell me why it was so bad, but your review and the comments in here seem to say that's its really a movie that was made because Frank Miller comics had some success and they gave him a shot at directing.

I'm sure somewhere Will Eisner is saying "WTF??? I thought this guy was my friend?". I guess I'll just pass then. Sucks, thanks guys for the honest heads up though. I hate asking people about movies and their only answer to me is "it sucked ass". That could mean anything... not a bright observation, lol.
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