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Schmoe Gamertag Lists (PSN/360)

OK, everyone, so I've had a few adds here and there on the 360 and got sick of trying to figure out who was who by scrolling through every single post in the schmoe gamertag thread, so I decided to make a list that I will update as new gamertags and schmoes become known. This will make it easier to know who is who. There will be 2 lists: one in alphabetical order based on gamertag and another based on schmoe id, so if we want to add someone based on particular schmoe, we can do so. Also, I apologize if any gamertags are misspelled, I'm only going on what YOU wrote as a gamertag. Some of them I had to guess on if it was a 360 or PSN gamertag. Let me know if there are any issues. So here goes!

By Gamertag:

Abefroman424: Mr.HyDe807 (360)
adamMob: razgriz21 (PSN)
AgtDrake: PMcG No.6 (PSN)
AnotherStrayDog: thewolf (PSN)
Anthonydc1987: Kastman (360)
athfstl: Athf1980 (360)
Bandit__71: Damone (PSN)
BasterdStiglitz: MikeMovie (PSN)
beastbluem1: go2 (PSN)
BliNg905: Dream Slasher (360)
blknge89: Blk flower (360)
blknge98: blknge89 (360)
bourahioro77: bourahioro (PSN)
canadianjosh: mutant gorilla (PSN)
Carne Diablo: Carne Diablo (360)
CarneDiablo: Carne Diablo (PSN)
ChrisClu80: ChrisClu30 (360)
ckent007: SinisterMinistr (360)
colonelcaine: ColonelColinCaine (360)
CrazyQuigles: Quigles (360)
Cristane: Cristane (PSN)
CriticalBill665: CriticalBill6966 (PSN/360)
cubiam: Cosimo (PSN)
czarina_boomkat: Tagia_Romero (PSN)
DaveyJoeG: DaveyJoeG (PSN)
dbldn/MyJoBlo: Dbldn11 (360)
DEIVIONICJOKER: Jig Saw 123 (360)
dman4769: Dman476 (PSN)
dog5150: Therealjohng (PSN/360?)
DonnieDARKO25: Tyler Durden4 (PSN)
dragon-jess: JesstheDarkOne (PSN)
DrewG7: ChemicalRomance (360)
edmumfff13: docholiday_13 (360)
EvileDeadGirl: EvilDeadGirl (360)
FondLMyButtCheek: greatballsoffire (PSN)
Geeked2Play: Optimus (PSN)
GT N3rva: Jmora715 (360)
HankScorpio77: Dark One79 (360)
herminator0127: Herminator (PSN)
Herr Voodul: mutesaint (360)
I am Legend: EVILxxx (360)
Illeagle34: The Young Son (PSN)
Insidious Plot: Danger^Cart (360)
Its_RiLo: Rilocay (PSN)
Jeff The Viking: NuclearMisfit (360)
Jiminey b: AversionTherapy (360)
jolanar: jolanar (PSN)
KcMsterpce: KcMsterpce (PSN)
killleer3789: A7xfan (PSN)
King Rad: TheBlackCostume (360)
KingofKings2525: KingofKings2525 (360)
kobe8byrant: kobe8byrant (PSN)
LeonSakau: X-Nightcrawler (360/PSN)
LONECUB24: La Motta/Cosimo (360)
Lord Simen: LordSimen (360)
MeatMittens: Beard of Meat (360)
MezzTPredator83: KillaMyers (360)
Misfits_Fiend: MISFITS Fiend (PSN)
mjkane: Mattjk 17 (PSN)
Modwood: TheMovieDoctor (360)
mpoorbaugh: muttly69 (PSN)
MyMortisha: TATU (360)
Nostalgiask: Jig Saw 123 (PSN)
phgamer06: Pablo Super1! (360)
Philanidas: PHILANIDAS619 (360)
please_be_valid: Danger^Cart (PSN)
Psychocandy2006: Psychocandy (360)
PTU7: Mr. Peanut (360)
RadRush: TheBlackCostume (PSN)
Raiden1972: Lord Raiden (PSN)
Red Devil: drc5145 (PSN)
rocky 13al13oa: John Rambo (360)
RUSSIANROULETT3: ParalyzingKing (360)
SammyTheSloth: Codename 47 (PSN)
sarah1228: sarah1980 (360)
sarah1980: sarah1980 (PSN)
smokeyyymicpot: Raimo69 (360/PSN)
soilsongs: Tyler_Durden_208 (260)
Spectro316: Spectro316 (360)
speedoburrito: speedbeaver (PSN)
Spice3003: Spice (PSN)
SpoonMan999: Spoonman999 (360)
Str33t Justus: MistAh BlistAh (360)
SuperTim2000: ImRonBurgundy (360/PSN)
thebearjew2222: ericdraven
the clever guy: the clever guy (360/PSN)
TheDarkKratos: God of War (PSN)
The Mad German: The Mad German (PSN)
ThisisRob: The Mad German (360)
TRUMANonTV: marilynMONROBOT (360)
tz3ng88: Nazgul (360)
ubudes: someguy (psn)
VcommGangster 86: TylerDurden182 (360)
versaker: versaker (360)
VongAssassin: Vong (360)
WELCOMEBACKJMAN: Chasingbanky (360)
wells83: Daddiefatsacks (360)
WereCat20: Chuck Katt (PSN)
weswilder: APzombie (PSN)
Whyt3Gh0stKi11a: BankaiZakari (360)
wolfieamadeus: Damien22 (360/PSN)
X-File13: Cipher Jo (PSN)
x JUICEMASTER x: Badbird (360)
Yankeeswin27th: ChasingBanky (360)
Zoasis: Z_oasis (360)
zombievictim: zombievictim (360)
Zombievictim21: zombievictim (PSN)

By Schmoe:

A7xfan: killleer3789 (psn)
APzombie: weswilder (PSN)
Athf1980: athfstl (360)
AversionTherapy: Jiminey b (360)
Badbird: x JUICEMASTER x (360)
BankaiZaraki: Whyt3Gh0stKi11a (360)
Beard of Meat: MeatMittens (360)
Blk flower: blknge89 (360)
blknge89: blknge98 (360)
Bourahioro: bourahioro77 (psn)
Carne Diablo: Carne Diablo (360)
Carne Diablo: CarneDiablo (PSN)
Chasingbanky: Yankeeswin27th (360)
ChemicalRomance: DrewG7 (360)
ChrisClu30: ChrisClu80 (360)
Chuck Katt: WereCat20 (PSN)
Cipher Jo: X-File13 (psn)
Codename 47: SammyTheSloth (PSN)
ColonelColinCaine: colonelcaine (360)
Cosimo: LONECUB24 (360)
Cosimo: cubiam (PSN)
Cristane: Cristane (PSN)
CriticalBill6966: CriticalBill665 (psn/360)
Daddiefatsacks: wells83 (360)
Damien22: wolfieamadeus (360/psn)
Damone: Bandit__71 (psn)
Danger^Cart: Insidious Plot (360)
Dark One79: HankScorpio77 (360)
DaveyJoeG: DaveyJoeG (PSN)
Dbldn11: MyJoBlo/dbldn (360)
Dman476: dman4769 (psn)
docholiday_13: edmumfff13 (360)
drc5145: Red Devil (PSN)
Dream Slasher: BliNg905 (360)
ericdraven: thebearjew2222 (360)
EvilDeadGirl: EvileDeadGirl (360)
EVILxxx: I am Legend 17 (360)
go2: beastbluem1 (PSN)
God of War: TheDarkKratos (PSN)
greatballsoffire: FondLMyButtCheek (PSN)
Herminator: herminator0127 (psn)
Herr Voodul: mutesaint (360)
ImRonBurgundy: SuperTim2000 (360/PSN)
JesstheDarkOne: dragon-jess (PSN)
Jig Saw 123: DEIVIONICJOKER (360)
Jig Saw 123: Nostalgiask (PSN)
Jmora715: GT N3rva (360)
John Rambo: rocky 13al13oa (360)
Jolanar: jolanar (psn)
Kastman: AnthonyDC1987 (360)
KcMsterpce: KcMsterpce (psn)
KillaMyers: MezzTPredator83 (360)
KingofKings2525: KingofKings2525 (360)
kobe8byrant: kobe8byrant (PSN)
La Motta: LONECUB24 (360)
Lord Raiden: Raiden1972 (PSN)
LordSimen: Lord Simen (360)
marilynMONROBOT: TRUMANonTV (360)
Mattjk 17: mjkane (psn)
MikeMovie: BasterdStiglitz (PSN)
MISFITS Fiend: Misfits_Fiend (PSN)
MistAh BlistAh: Str33t Justus (360)
Mr.HyDe807: Abefroman424 (360)
Mr. Peanut: PTU7 (360)
mutant gorilla: canadianjosh (PSN)
mutesaint: Herr Voodul (360)
muttly69: mpoorbaugh (PSN)
Nazgul: tz3ng88 (360)
NuclearMisfit: Jeff The Viking (360)
Optimus: Geeked2play (PSN)
Pablo Super1!: phgamer06 (360)
ParalyzingKing: RUSSIANROULETT3 (360)
PHILANIDAS619: Philanidas (360)
PMcG No.6: AgtDrake (PSN)
Psychocandy: Psychocandy2006 (360)
Quigles: CrazyQuigles (360)
Raimo69: smokeyyymicpot (360/PSN)
razgriz21: adamMob (PSN)
Rilocay: Its_RiLo (psn)
sarah1980: sarah1228 (360)
sarah1980: sarah1980 (psn)
SinisterMinistr: ckent007 (360)
someguy: ubudes (psn)
Spectro316: Spectro316 (360)
speedbeaver: speedoburrito (PSN)
Spice: Spice3003 (PSN)
SpoonMan999: Spoonman999 (360)
Tagia_Romero: czarina_boomkat (PSN)
TATU: MyMortisha (360)
TheBlackCostume: King Rad (360)
TheBlackCostume: RadRush (PSN)
the clever guy: the clever guy (360/PSN)
The Mad German: ThisisRob (360)
The Mad German: The Mad German (PSN)
TheMovieDoctor: Modwood (360)
Therealjohng: dog5150 (psn/360?)
The Young Son: Illeagle34 (psn)
thewolf: AnotherStrayDog (PSN)
Tyler Durden4: DonnieDARKO25 (psn)
TylerDurden182: VcommGangster 86 (360)
Tyler_Durden_208: soilsongs (360)
versaker: versaker (360)
Vong: VongAssassin (360)
X-Nightcrawler: LeonSakau (360/psn)
Z_oasis: Zoasis (360)
zombievictim: zombievictim (360)
zombievictim: Zombievictim21 (PSN)

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