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Creative Photography.

Well, unless I am blind there isn't a general off-topic section for threads like this. I am trying to come up with some images using digital photography that instead of using the center of the camera as a focal point, it's more of the edges. So for instance, if you were looking at a sunset and you had a tree in the left of the picture and that was your main focus and the sunset was in the background. Or go find a vast, dull, empty room, and in one corner (on the top-right edge of the photo, say), place something notable (maybe a girl crying, someone in a cloak, or a frightening object). Or You try setting a room up in a way that everything is all around the edge of a photo, except for the middle, which is completely blank. Just as examples, I am having a very hard time with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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That sounds like an exaggerated example of the "rule of thirds."
By putting an image on one of the intersecting lines you make the composition stronger and more interesting. I also exaggerate this rule:

Maybe frequent some dedicated photography sites, modelmayhem.com is a good one.

Go after deviantart.com too.

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Seems like it. that rule can apply to a number of photos in many ways.

I'm better this is more or less what you had in mind with the tree and sunset:

And it also works with Portrait Shots (Round out with a movie shot, This is from the Watchmen: Portraits book):

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The standard rule is "the rule of thirds". Photography and video classes I've taken teach you that as the standard rule.
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