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The Next 6 Songs on Shuffle

Ah, the magic of shuffle. I like to keep my iPod on shuffle throughout the day, and let the songs it picks kind of tell the story of my day, as odd as that sounds. But, nonetheless, shuffle can be fun!

So, shuffle your music player and hit us with the next 6 songs that come on -regardless of how embarassing they might be! Also give a little tidbit about how ya feel about the song, if you feel the need to.

#1 - Reach Down - Temple of the Dog
Hell yeah, starting it out with some nasty hard rock. Gotta love hearing Chris Cornell's voice. Love this track, glad it popped up on shuffle. I probably haven't listened to it in over a year. Love the long runtime and badass jams in the middle of the tune. This is how alt-rock should sound. All bands that think they make good alt-rock today should take heed of Temple of the Dog.

#2 - Tuff Love - Galactic (Feat. Trombone Shorty)
Again, hell yeah. I just returned from Mardis Gras in New Orleans, Galactic's hometown, so I'm still feeling the effects of the bayou. Galactic's music encompasses everything I love about New Orleans. The funk, the nastiness, the dirtyness.

#3 - Golden Parachute - Prince
Funk pop at its finest. That's about all I can say. I consider Prince to be a musical genius on the same level as Miles Davis or Stevie Wonder, so it's great to hear this amazing track from The Slaughterhouse. As always, Prince never fails.

#4 - The Shadow - Garaj Mahal
Siiick. These guys are a nasty, nasty funk/jam band who have a unique style. I just recently downloaded a couple albums and have been thoroughly impressed so far by what they can do in the studio, a place most jambands lose their flare, in my opinion. Damn, the song just got way jazzy - which is incredible. Amazing playing on every instrument as well, somebody check these guys out!

#5 - Hear My Train A Comin' - Jimi Hendrix
Ah. What can be said about the greatest of all-time. Fucking love Hendrix and all the music he put out throughout his very short career. If he were alive today, I really think music would be completely fucking different than it is now. Who knows what we'd be listening to...

#6 - Funky Drummer > Superbad - Lettuce
These guys are probably my favorite all around funk band making music today. They pay homage to James B. here with this medley of tunes, and they bring some funky heat.
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