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Some Help From My Sci Fi/Comic book Schmoes...

I have a unique situation:

VERY long story short I have a brother (and sister) whom I had not seen and then reconnected with after 24 years...

My brother is bit of an introvert/loner: When I asked him to tell me about himself he immediately talked about the difference between the Star Wars movies and the books. The difference between the fight scenes in Superman II versus the fight scenes in Superman III.

And most of all the genius that is Battle Star Galactica (BSG)...

I have now watched the first two seasons of BSG (actually I think it was 2.5 seasons) and definitely am enjoying them.

I am trying to figure out ways in which to bond with my brother. (Things are great with my sister) I wanted to take him to Comic Con this year but just figured out I shoulda got on top of that a lot sooner as the 4 day passes are sold out and it looks like the day passes for Saturday are gone...

Two questions:

1) Should I just give up on comic con this year and get my shit together a lot earlier next year or is there still a way to get in there for 2009?

2) Any suggestions on any thing comic conesque/BSG related that would be enough to lure him out of his home state (Minnesota)...

I really want to do something where we can spend some time together and he can get out a little. He's not a your typical lets go to the strip club/get drunk/ go to vegas/ go to the ball game type, and although I enjoy comics an Sci Fi I'm a bit outta my element...

Any suggestions would be appreciated...

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There are often many sf/f cons in a state. There's 4 that I know of here. Anime/Tokyo con, conestoga, minicon in this city alone.
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